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Wow Early Game Review System Reqs, Gameplay, etc

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Well i have recently gotten World Of Warcraft, this is my review for it so far (Levels 1-8).



I was a bit optimistic at first, i had a dial up modem and i didnt know weather it would work on there or not, i brang it to my mates house (He has DSL) and downloaded the patches, about 400mbs worth. Installing took some, having to put 5 cds in and out.


We tried it out first, no lag what so ever, i was playing on an Australian server (i live in New Zealand) and it was good. No annoying flooders or top level froobs calling everyone else noobs. It was really easy to get into, lots of tutorials and easy quests just to start the game. You start off the game (regardless of class and race) in an easy section, as you move further away the monsters get harder.

I then booted it up on my dial up connection (still at my mates house) and i was very much suprised to see it working as well as the DSL connection, again no lag. It was easy to join a group (group of people killing monsters together, auto. shares the loot and exp), easy to navigate (map) and it was very hard to get lost.


My computer has 2.0Ghz CPU, 768mb of RAM and a 64mb video card. The minimum requirements are 512mb RAM (i think), 1Ghz processor and a 32mb video card.

My friend has a standered dell computer, 512mb RAM and a 2.8Ghz CPU but of course, no video card. He has DSL and he lags alot of the time, probably to do with the graphics card.

I was looking at my RAM monitor while playing the game (minimized it) and saw that it varied between 200-250mb of free RAM, meaning it did use 512mb of RAM and sometimes more!



Pros Of The Game

-Easy to get into and learning

-Friendly People

-Constantly updated and worked on

-Can participate in group killing :)

-Some servers are specificly for killing other people & and others are peaceful.


Cons Of The Game

-You MUST have a video card to be guarenteed lag free.

-You cannot change servers half way through the game.

-If you die you dont lose anything, you can do suicide runs and not worry about a thing.


Recommended Minimum Requirements (Both windows and mac)


768mb RAM

64mb of video RAM video card

2Ghz (Possibly less?) CPU

A 56k modem

A decent CD reader if you want to install it fast.


Yes there are fees but i personally think its worth them (You get 1 free month membership when you buy the game)

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No problem. You can buy WOW trials from your local store (hopefully) for about $5 New Zealand, thats $2 US and mayby 1 and a half pounds. It comes with a trial disk and a trial CD Key for 10 days.

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