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HI to everyones!!!!!I did the registration (a long long tima ago) to ADD Words di Google. But I can see that google is making a lot of money with my site, and I'm getting nothing:from the last statistics, goggle get 25$ in the last month, and I get 0,78$ in the same month.I'm not happy!!SOmeone maybe know about a way to encrease Entries with the same quantity of code in my site????Please help!! I beleve that Google is the best way to make a good trafic, but not like this!!

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hi everyone I am just starting up a company and I am in the process of having a website designed and I have been told I need to learn about google adword, can anyone point me in the right direction of where I need to start? my web designer does this but they charge a lot of $ so I been told it is easy to do once you get your head around it all help will be really appreciated.


Tricia Martin 

-reply by tricia

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sorry... can't help you with this one! :)


Hi thr..

here yu can use this code in ur head tag

put inside head tag



function runsearch( form ) {

// extra terms to include on every search

var additional_terms = "zakthi";


// terms the user entered

var entered_terms = document.getElementById( "custom_terms" ).value;


// set the search field to be both custom terms and additional terms

var all_terms_field = document.getElementById( "all_terms" );

all_terms_field.value = ""+entered_terms+" "+additional_terms;


// submit the form;





That's the complicated part and I've marked in bold where you'd put in the word or words

(use a "+" rather than a space if you specify a phrase) you want to have automatically added to the search.

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