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A Simple Weapons Guide Ill add the other ones soon...

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SMG- good gun for using in a dual-weid configuration, such as SMG/plasma rifle. You could swap the plasma rifle with a plasma pistol kept charged up, another SMG, or a magnum. All of these are pretty good combos. On most maps you will normally spawn with the SMG, I suggest that you try and find another weapon as soon as possible. A small problem with the SMG is it's short range of fire, use a better weapon for long-range attacks(battle rifles, carbines, snipers)Pros- good for dual-weilding, fast rate of firecons- limited ammo. Not very good range.Magnum- just your average pistol, great for taking out someone without a sheild, one shot to the head and he's gone. Best used in a dual-weild configuration, any weapon that is mentioned in the SMG section(plasma pistol/rifle, smg) when using this weapon, ALWAYS AIM FOR THE HEAD, it's pinpoint accuracy makes it a threat to be reckoned withpros- good accuracy, great for dual-weildingcons- not a large clip, not very abundant on most of the maps, bad distanceBattle Rifle- ah yes... the creme de la creme. I consider this the most deadly weapon in the game, apart from the power weapons. The range on this weapon is incredible, (the host will shoot the farest) and the three-round burst is excellent. It only takes four bursts to the head to kill an enemy. ABsolutely deadly when used with a charged plasma-pistol. Charge the plasma pistol, hit the enemy with the shot, then switch to the BR and kill him. This combo is known as the "Noob Combo" and is considered bad sportsmanship to use the weapon. Still dont be afraid to use it. You can easily get 15 kills per game using this combo. The battle-rifle is used probaly the most by the MLG Pros than any other gunpros- good range. 3 round burst is great, basically everything about this gun is a procons- basically there arent any. One con is the firing range that the host gets in comparisson to the other players.human sniper- deadly, thats all i'll say is deadly. Nah i'll say some more. This gun has extremely good firing range, being that it is a sniper. Two body shots results in a fatality, and a headshot is lethal. This weapon will take down an overshield in two headshots. However this weapon takes alot of practice to be proficient with it. Another thing with this is the no-scope. Basically killing someone at close range without going into the scope. Nothing more annoying than hearing some jumped up little ten year old on xbox live shouting that he got a no-scope. pros- the range on it is incredible. headshot lethalnesscons- hard to get good at. hard to find ammo. Easy to get killed when attacked at close range.shotgun- i dub this weapon the **host weapon**. Whoever has host will probaly rack up the most kills with this weapon. 'tis very annoying substitute this weapon with a longer-range weapon when playing on maps such as coagulation, the shotgun is pretty much useless on that map. pros- close-range killability lol, host owns with shottycons- slow reload time, limited range

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