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Who here plays Outwar? And if so than what server? And what kind of character did you choose? And what lvl and set? I play and I am on the Torax server. My character is a gangster and he's lvl 35 and uses full noc. I'm in the crew -Total War- . It's a fun game with lots of other people. And you never have to worry about giving your password up. There is your login password and your security password. For someone to really screw you up, they need your security password. Most crews want you to send in your login password so they can use you in raids. But they can't do much to your account so you never have to worry. And there are points in the game that you get through trades. Transferable points can be used to buy upgrades for yourself or buy gems which make your wearable items stronger. You can also prestige things which gives them certain things they didn't have before. Raiding is also fun. And you get skills. At lvl 40 with preservation you can get a skill that adds 750 attack and 2000 hp. It's kinda cool really. You all should try it. The site is outwar.com You can choose your server from there. If you decide to play, msg me and I'll help you as much as possible. If you play already than msg me and send an ally invite. I'm AoKLeader in the game. Post your replies on what you think of it.

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