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Pr5 Link, 6 Months, $12 selling ads to raise funds to promote free martial arts site.

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I run a learning martial arts website that is currently rated as a PR5 by google and has an average of 400-500 visitors a month (from search engines, martial arts based).

I'm trying to get some funds together so that I can promote my forum and website online and help other to learn martial arts! I'm not going to pocket this money (that happens later when I get 10,000 visitors to my site, :) )

If you'd like to have a text link on a PR5 webpage (index page) for $12 for 6 months (that's at least one google update, possibly two) then contact me through the website's email form or PM me here.

I can accept payment online debit/credit cards using paypal.com or nochex.co.uk .

The site - http://ww39.learnmartialartsonline.net/


(I think this is the correct place to post this ad, and I'm not aware of it being against trap17s rules. If it is wrong, please feel free to move it or delete it).

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This layout is better than the previous layout, which was changed a few weeks ago... beleive me :) lol.I know not alot of people care about PR, but it is a fact that the speed google indexes pages dependeds on the PR. googlebot goes to a page notes its stats and then lists t appropriatly to be indexed. So having a pr5 link to your site will help it get indexed faster and share PR to you helping your site get a better PR and indexed fatser. (than a pr1-4 link).

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