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Shopping Cart Funcionality

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HelloI'm trying to create a shopping cart enviroment on my flash web site, the software is called flashkart, I'm not quite sure how to include the Init file into my swf file, the instructions are:THE INIT FILEThe init file, or fk_init.as, is your startup file. It not only handles all preloading duties and defines the Flash Kart environment and variables, but it's primary use is customizing the various text styles and configuration settings.But best of all, it's simple to install:(this is the bit I'm having trouble with it gave a script error **Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=black screen, frame=1:Line 1: Malformed #include directive#include"fk_init.as"Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1)For Flash MX, simply include the file at any frame in your Flash index or movie file like so: #include "fk_init.as"Note: #include directives do not end with a semicolonFlash Kart loads independently of your main movie via its own preloading scheme, so your website will not have to wait for it to fully load. Further, Flash Kart's mini-kart can be activated even before Flash Kart is completely loaded, so customers on a dial-up modem can begin shopping almost immediately.Note: Flash Kart can record purchases the moment it begins loading.(I also tried their next recommendation by creating a new symbol, selected movie clip and called it fk_init copiied the contents of fk_init.as into the action pane and saved the fla file, but in publish previewnothing appears thats to do with flashkart)Lastly, if you're impartial to #include files, you can simply create a movie clip entitled fk_init off the root of your movie, then cut and paste the code from fk_init.as directly into the fk_init movie clip's action paneCan anyone help.

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