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Lom2 Oblivion private server

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After many years of playing offocial legend of mir 2 i decided to switch to private servers, ive played so many its unreal...well now is time to make my own we will be teaming up with a mir 3 server eventually, were both in the process of doing all the updates.


The server isnt live yet, we are searching for a fast host, and i am currently translating it all to english including the exe it will be in full english something you dont see very often.




Translation - 10%

New areas - 10%

New items and sets - 50%


more updates to come soon.




Med to high exp - To counter this we are going to edit the mobs stats to make them harder.


I will be the only GM so corruption wont be an option, it will be long term as i got fed up of playing private servers that closed down after my hard work levelling.


feel free to ask question or post your comments.


screenshots will be available soon.

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I always fancied playing that. It isnt free though is it. Dont know much about the game really just heared good things about it. Whats it like. is it worth getting?

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Private servers are free.New item sets being made as of tomorrow, the sets already made by me have been checked and deleted.We are now making lvl 33+ sets to replace the sets already in.Brave dragon rings 0-5 dc - will now be evil spirit rings 1-5 dc agil +1 aspeed +2 - Rare itemonce all items are changed i will post full details.

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Hay there,


Oblivion, youve no idea how happy I am to hear about a mir2 server which the gamemaster actually seems interested in working on! I've been playing mmorpg's in general and mir in particular for as long as I can remember and kind of stopped after the last server i played on (extigy) fell through.


Anyway, sorry bout the life story but im excited now lol.... I'm with you all the way, im a pure lom2 addict and anything I can do to help, speed up the process of bringing the server to life, or anything.... just gimme the nod.


Dont give up!



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