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How To Convert Any Format Video To Dvd Format convert videos on your computer to DVD format and burn them to a playa

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How to Convert any Format Video to DVD Format
Easily convert videos on your computer to DVD format and burn them to a playable DVD disk.
by brautigam - 7/10/06

Programs Needed:

  • WinAVI Video Converter
  • Folder2Iso
  • Nero 7 Ultra Edition (or an equivilent DVD burning software with a "Burn Image to Disk" feature)
Step 1)
a. Open up WinAVIVideoConverter (Don't worry if it says something about your codecs, just press close).
b. Click on convert to DVD in the bottom right.
c. Find the video file (it can be .avi, .mpeg, or almost anything else) that you want to convert and press open.
d. Go to advanced and:
- make sure constant video size is checked and it is set to 1 disk and 4300mb for the capacity
- make sure target format is NTSC and aspect ration is AUTO
- I set the Preference to "by quality" because I thought it would be better quality
- make "Enabled DirectAC3" is CHECKED and the other one is UNCHECKED
- press OK
e. Press OK (converting will start).
f. Uncheck the preview movie box to make it go faster.
e. Once the Rate of Progress goes to 100%, another percentage box will pop up and it will go quicker than before (it just checks over the work done).
f. A box will pop up when finished that says "Converting has been completed." Press OK and close the program.
g. Go to your desktop and look for a folder named "dvd_0." If it is there then skip the next 2 steps.
h. Go to Control Panel>Folder Options>View> and make sure the dot is in "Show hidden files and folders." Then press OK.
i. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Temp\WinAVI. You will see dvd_0. Open it and there will be AUDIO_TS (nothing in here) and VIDEO_TS.

Step 2)
a. Open up Folder2Iso
b. Click on select folder and locate the "dvd_0" folder (it should be on your desktop) and press OK
c. Click on select output and just type in the nameofthemove.ISO (make sure you type in .ISO at the end) and save it to a known location
d. Label the iso the movie name
e. Make sure "Hide Mkisofs" is CHECKED and Charset: is the first one (iso8859-1)
f. Press Generate Iso
g. Once it is finished something will pop up that says All Done. Just press OK and quit.

Step 3)
a. Open up Nero 7 Ultra Edition Smart Start.
b. Go to the Backup tab and select Burn Image to Disk (that screen will minimize and Nero Burning ROM will pop up and the Open screen will appear).
c. Locate the ISO of the movie that you just created and press Open.
d. The "Burn Compilation" screen will appear and DVD Image will automatically be selected on the left side.
e. Under the "Burn" tab the only checkbox that should be checked is the "Write" box. Leave everything else UNCHECKED.
f. Under the Write Speed drop down menu, set the speed to the lowest speed to increase the quality of the burn, eliminating any errors at higher speeds.
g. Press Burn and wait about 20 minutes and you are done.
h. Once it is done press OK and close the program.
i. The disk drive will eject, keep the disk in there and close the drive again and you should be able to watch the dvd if you have the right program (PowerDVD is good) or just put it in a DVD player.

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