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I guess it fits under 'adventure'. For those not familiar, or too young to remember this game, it was the origional text-based adventure game where you actually have to imagine the game GUI (oooo, shudder at the thought). I absolutely loved it. It was a great code, easy to manipulate on your own for personalized expansions and you didn't have to worry about beind able to bring up your sights to get a headshot on that Imp as you do in Doom and the like. Basically, the one I remember was where you start in an ally. you can say 'look left' and 'look up' etc to see what, if anything, is around you. Eventually you can come to a door, plain metallic (all the adjectives are given to you) and you have to find a way in. By looking around again, you find a keycard swipe box. (ok, so in hindsight, I guess this is strategy, but who cares? There were no such thing as game genres back then). But yea, it went on and on like this. Some versions were more dungeon-based. The one I played was more like a secret agent or something (too young to remember the story line exactly). But it was great. I wish someone would make a text-based game (if only for a school project) so I can play it again. Did i forget to mention I origionally played this on the old comadore? LOL. Yup. no mouse. <_< fun times

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