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Logging Dowload Files From Your Server Onto A Html File

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Well, i had the idea of logging the downloads from my web in a html file few weeks ago, and i solved it with a lil php page included in my homepage. You could name the links with a name like "download.php?file=filename.ext" and then, in the download.php put the next code:


(well you put the html and head and body tags if u want, i only write the php here)

<?if (isset($_GET['file'])) $file=$_GET['file']; //so it gets the GET data from url (file=filename.ext);$ip=$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDRESS'];$file=fopen('download_log.html','a');$date=date('d-m-y H:i:s');$text="<br><hr><p>".$file.", ".$ip." on date ".$date;fputs($file,$text); /* At that point, the download try is logged, so if he doesn't proceed the download, will be logged anyway *//* if you want to be secure and avoid the ppl downloading what they dont have to do, you could add every file name to a MySQL DB and add an ID, so you were only to need to put in your links the id like "download.php?id=257", but thats a bit long to explain, so i continue with the simple explanation */echo "You're going to download the file <b>".$file."</b>. If you want to proceed, click <a href='".$file"' target='_blank'><b>here</b></a>";?>

Obviously you can improve that code much more, but that simple thing should work only by being at the same folder of the files to download.

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