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Pallys In Wow My Thoughts

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Paladins are very effective at their primary role, which is mostly group support. Paladins need to be able to see what their group's weak point is, and shore it up. The playstyle is slightly less interactive that others, but that's so you can react quickly to changing battlefield. It's about situational awareness. The basic playstyle (assuming you're not playing the main tank or main healer, both of which you should be able to do, though with more difficulty than a primary class) is to make sure your group is buffed, seal up, judge if appropriate, and autoattack... then watch for what needs doing. Mob peeled off after the priest and their fade is down? Stun it until the warrior can get back under control. Patrol came up behind and starting trying to eat your main healer? Throw Blessing of Protection on the healer. Rogue taking cleave damage? Heal him. Tank rooted or snared? Blessing of Freedom on them. Rogue polymorphed? Cleanse him.It's easy to play in it's most basic form, but harder to master. If that interests you, you'll enjoy the class and probably play it effectively.As far as killing stuff solo, yes. You kill more slowly than most classes, but are so hard to kill yourself, that you'll wear down the opponent. I have no trouble soloing level 60 elites, and my gear isn't all that good since I don't particularly care for the 40-man raid format required to get the really good stuff.

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