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Steve << Yeah Thats Right

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my name is steve, im from ohio (USA) and im 17, i just graduated from highschool this past monday

with alot lower grades than i shouldve had -.-


a friend of mine told me about the hosting here, and i thot well, im lookin for a good forum anyways so im givin it a try here... Trying to make this post as long as possible, so im going to tell a little bit about myself



Abstract graphic design (im not very good, but i have fun)

Gamemaker (just started it, but its pretty cool)


Music >> i can elaborate on that in a sec

web design - i used to be very into web design, then i sortve stopped for a while, and im getting back into it now



Disclaimer : dont judge my music, and i wont judge yours k?


I like alot of different music, although i cant say i listen to rap or country.

Favorite band : i dont really have an all time favorite, but lately ive been listening to alot of NOFX and the Vandals. Tsunami Bomb and Offspring are also a few of my favorites lately, along with Dropkick Murphies


anyways, i hope you enjoy reading about me, and id love to get to know ppl on this forum. i think this is a good place :rolleyes:

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Hey steve, welcome to the Xisto forums! This is a great place for FREE webhosting and its very easy to get it! All you have to do is have fun (bny making good posts :rolleyes:) and you'll get your free hosting in no time!-Paul

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Hi Posted Image AlternativeNick (Steve) from one of the elders on the forum and a neighbor to your north. Trap 17 is a wonderful free host. Haven't had any trouble since joined and got hosted in January. The people are so friendly and helpful here! Post lots of informative posts like this one and you will have your points for hosting in no time. :rolleyes: Edited by Mich (see edit history)

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