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The Xedo Guild Is Recruiting RuneScape rocks

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First of all, about this banner, a lot of people asked me why the invalid in the wheelchair, it represents, that we don't care who are you, where are you from, or what are your religious beliefs, as long as you respect other XEDO members.

What does XEDO stand for? I actualy have no idea, because, I wasn't the one who founded this clan. Th founder was Darkside380 or as you may know him here Dside. Can't say that he was bad as a leader, but the way that he left the clan was pretty ... Weird? I recieved a PM saying, that the clan is mine and I can do with it whatever I want, he deleted the homepage, but I made a new one, and I think, that this is better than the one we had before. You can check out our homepage at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or http://www.xedo.2ya.com/ .On our homepage you should find a link called "Forum", that's our clans forum. To join XEDO you have to have combat level 55 and/or hp level 50. Simply go to section Join and fill out the form, or send your stats to xedo@inbox.lv . The direct link for the joining page is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. But don't bother doing that, if you are not going to an active member, because I think that a clan with small amaunt of members, who all are active is better than a huge clan with small amaunt of active members. You miss too many events, and you are out.

Ranks. Umm... A lot of people are really upsessed with them. For those who like being a captain or even a general, there are lot of things you can do for XEDO, to advance in rank. There are lot of things you can do for our homepage, write or search for stories, take pics of XEDO and so on. When I wrote "there are lot of things you can do for XEDO" I didn't mean to pay for something. I don't support such thing. I have seen many clans, where they ask from 50-200k a month to be a member of that clan, I think that's stupid. The only thing you should be spending your money in clan are bets and tournament entering fees, of course tournaments aren't imposed. You can take a part in them or not.

Wars. This is a very close topic for most of you out there. We allready have 2 war offers, but we yet don't have enaugh members, so I need YOU! Yes YOU! Together we are strong (pretty cheesy line huh?). But really all you mages, warriors and rangers who likes not only pking and having wars, join XEDO. Every member can host an event of his choice, simply e-mail me and I'll add the event to events page. We already have scheduled weekly Castle Wars and I host at least one pking trip a week.


This should be enaugh info about XEDO for a start. If you like what you red, join us. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



Hope to see you in XEDO.



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