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The Chronicles Of Destruction and The Final Savior

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Hey all,I love to write, thus i'm gonna post two of my creations, Chronicles of Destruction (( These are made by myself, i thought i could write prophecies and try it out, they talk about the end of the world These are the Chronicles of Destruction. Books written in 2250 by Nickali Wisswrop. He predicted destruction to Earth and spoke of destruction of Colonies throughout the universe known to mankind. Dismissed by the Dominion as a fictional story, Nickali kept writing them until he died in 2256 of a cancer that developed in his Lungs. Chronicle 1:1 "In the world of Genesis the time be at peace, but the glowing future await a death centuries old. Brings not fire upon, nor the glowing mushroom clouds. Brings forth Mutations beyond mankind's dreams. It be of sharpened nail, and burning soul. Destroy all in its path it shall. For Genesis shall fall first, the god of war follow, then Genesis be freed, by humans in power. Yet Genesis shall never recover, and nor shall God of War. Chronicle 1:2 "Be gone the Nemesis be thought the Man, but never thought Nemesis will return. Destruction by fire, by glowing mushroom, Man thought it had seen it all, but not Nemesis, Nemesis never seen, Banish thy Brother, come by my Nemesis, we sought for the World, our time be now." Chronicle 1:3 " Finally and from with the firey reaches of hell, the Nemesis approaches his opening gate, in preparation of destroying his Man. Corrupting the universe, destroying the New Haven and wrecking its own homeland, corrupted of the chemical overdose; influenced by the Man of its world. Enranged by its weak ancestors. It comes forth in the feelings of a boy. The tears of Young Man. Bring Forth the destruction of Young Man's Home. The lands of corrupted Steel and fiery sticks. Chronicle 1:4 " Genesis be rebuilt, happily and graceful. As nemesis take Young Man's Home. Born from the tears of Young Man, enraged by its weak ancestors, Equipped with the blade of knights and with the force of barbarians. Prepared to repel the lines of energy, Nemesis be unstoppable, it continues to corrupt Young Man's Home, Man's universe, and seems unstoppable. Until the brave knight of the west wields his silencing blade, and shining shield. Chronicle 1:5 "As the Knight moves from east Genesis to west Home. He be encounted with 3 Maidens. One be engulfed in the flames of horror from the Nemesis. One be covered in the ice of shattered moons of Young Man, and the final be darkened by the blackened skin from her inner soul. All but one be corrupt, in the feelings of Nemesis. One be soulless, pointless. Two be Corrupt. The Knight be then ingulfed with feelings of pain, sorrow, and love. Anger follow. Death would be present and in sight, and finally, after All Maidens pass, the knight enter Young Man's home, ingulfed in the fire, blackness, and pain only seen since the times of fire and mushroom clouds. The Nemesis will begin to lurk shadows and hunt the Knight. Until the final age comes. Chronicle 1:6 "Brought Forth from his firey ship, Knight lands on the desolate, inhabitable lands of Young Man, engulfed in sorrow, pain, and anger, he enters the land only to be followed by Nemesis, Final Age be far, and hope be lost, The minions of the Lord follow Knight, in wonder of his actions, Lord in wonder, Knight was followed by minions and Nemesis, everything growing closer by the inch, amazing that noone was to die on the april fooling of 22 years in sorrow, minions be behind and Nemesis sharpining his steel, for some strange event, noone die. A Final Savior The Air was heated by the smell of combusting hydrogen, as was it always. The sun was also in a phase of darkness, where no light at all reached the planet, thanks to the over-polluted atmosphere produced by so many explosions caused when freighters pummeled into the planet. It was difficult to maneuver in the thick atmosphere, as was it difficult to breath, or even see in the condition as well. Ever since contact with Earth, everything seemed to turn upside down. * Dal arose from his cot, he was in a dark, cold, and bare, flat. He checked his footlocker, and saw his only few possesions: A MK-78b Model Assualt Rifle, with 3 clips, Loaded with a mix of explosive, Armor penetration, and poisinous Bullets collected over time. A FRAG-17 frag grenade sat by the clips. A dullen bayonet about 15 years old, used originally to kill Bayox, a creature that used to dwell in the surface, but are now extinct, Had been fitted with a hyperactive laser emitter, used to add an energy "bubble" so it could penetrate armor. Dal grabbed his only possesions and opened the airlock system door and stepped outside. The area was not like the rest of the colony, it wasn't fully finished, and looked like a few sky scrapers, and a rest of small buildings, due to the lock-down. A large military truck stood parked, it wasn't Dal's, and he knew it wasn't there last night. He loaded his gun and stepped ahead to it. Dal strafed to the back of the truck. He looked through a window. It seemed three men were inside, all asleep. Dal checked his gun and walked around to the door of the truck, and waited. A crash awakend Cass as he tumbled over his cot and dashed for his gun. " HOLY HELL!" " DON'T MOVE YOU ALL!" "AHHH" The truck was filled with tension as the dust fell to the floor. It was a crazy stanstill. Dal was at gunpoint as was Cass, and Cass's buddy had Dal at gunpoint. Finally Cass cried " OK! WHAT THE intercourse IS GOING ON?!" " WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN MY TERRITORY?!": "YOUR TERRITORY?" "YEAH!" " Guys! Guys! Guys! OK, how about we settel this more mildly, and put the guns, DOWN!" Dal watched at Cass's second buddy put the gun down accordingly to the third "Boss". He then put his rifle away waiting for what else would happen. " Alright, So, Mr. Assasin, got a name?" Dal was Silent. "Guess not, well anyways, I'm Jeo, Hes Cass, and the black smudge over there is Pimp. " Nice name" Dal Murmured. Pimp walked up to Dal and looked like he was going to choke the life out of Dal until Jeo told him to stop. "now, Care to tell us your name?" "Dal, now answer my question, what the hell are you in here, my territory!" "I don't see a sign now do you?" Jeo Smirked. " Hell all i see is a bunch of corrupted ground dust, your lil bunker, and those towering hell houses built by those messed up companies." " I havn't had the time." Cass Interrupted. "You know, i don't wanna be with those goddammn Zero-eaters. So how about we end the Hellos and get a move on to the Hideout" " I Agree Cass, so... Dal is it? Care to get the hell away from Zero-Eaters?" " What in gods name is a Zero-Eater?" " They can be a vararity of things" "..Like Oznixs, Bounty Hunters, Androids, pretty much whatever can be tamed or payed" Pimp interrupted in Jeo " Yeah, Pimp's right, whatever they can tame or pay... Cass! Start up the engine, were setting tracks!" "Right Capn!" "Last chance Dal, join on with us?" " Fine, i guess i'm with you three, just dont nerve me up or you'll lose a spinal cord." " Alright! next stop, Laylo Station! A lot better than this" At least Thats what the 3 usually said, to cheer each other up, problem was, all of the place was the same, a dirty landfill filled with hunters and beasts There, I wasted 5 minutes of your time! , post your comments,

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