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AnglingCatching of fish is one of the more popular form of recreation. Angling is the act of fishing with a hook and line and usually a rod.Sportfishing is understood to have begun in mid-15th century. The true angler fishes for the love of fishing. Modern sportfishing can be divided into two basic categories: freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. The three most common fishing tactics are bait fishing (ofter called still ? fishing in England), spin fishing and fly ? fishing.Bait fishing involves the use of live or dead bait on hook, with a short rod, a reel, and heavy line. Depending on the species that the angler hopes to catch, the bait site on the bottom where fish may feed, bobs up and down off the bottom so that the action may attract fish; or is reeled a good distance off the bottom to attract fish schooled at mid-depth. Anglers frequently tie a leader (a short length of steel wire or heavy nylon) between the hook and the regular nylon or Dacron fishing line to prevent the fish from biting through the line. Lines for all types of fishing come in various diameter or strength, and anglers choose them according to the size and strength of the fish being sought. Spin fishing, which uses somewhat longer rod than bait fishing, is more often associated with artificial lures. Fly-fishing uses a rod much longer- up to 3 m(10 ft)-and lighter than rods used for bait and spin fishing. Dry-fly fishing used files that float on the top of the water ; wet-fly fishing uses flies that sink.

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