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Anarchy Online Free

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Does anyone play Anarchy Online? It is an older MMORPG that takes place in Space. I just started playing so I can't really get into detail.

Recently, Anarchy Online has been released for free, with ads in game. Billboard type stuff. I've seen Wendys ads, Microsoft Visual Studio, Honda Fit, etc. Its scary to think they are putting commercials into video games, but they are very easy to ignore.

Another catch is, you only get Anarchy Online, none of the expansions like The Shadowlands and Alien Invasion, but offer them all for only 10 dollars one time charge.

The game is very intresting though. The system is a bit confusing at first, but you are dropped into a training zone in the beginning to learn. The charcters are very intresting. Currently, I am a huge 8 foot tall 500 pound man, a monster really.

I've played a handful of MMORPG's but this game adds a whole new level to the genre, adding the Sci-Fi theme. Shooting lazers on diffrent planets is amazing, exspecially after playing Runescape or WoW for awhile.

If your intrested, follow this link to sign up. [Warning: Bittorrent needed for download I think. But easily the fastest download I have ever gotten.]

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it!

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