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Mysql Help!

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Ok... http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
trying to install a LDU thing like phpnuke...and i dont know what to put in here

/* ======== Connect to the SQL DB======== */
ldu_connect($cfg['mysqlhost'], $cfg['mysqluser'], $cfg['mysqlpassword'], $cfg['mysqldb']);
unset($cfg['mysqlhost'], $cfg['mysqluser'], $cfg['mysqlpassword']);

/* ======== Configuration settings (from the DB) ======== */

ok...i went to cpanel>mysql databases> i made a new database named "ldu" which turned into hostjunk_ldu ...and i made a user and password....both named ldu.
and i made an access host named ldu....and i dont know which part to edit in that code^! help!

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require('system/database.'.$cfg['hostjunk_Idu'].'.php');[br]ldu_connect($cfg['localhost], $cfg['Idu'], $cfg['Idu'], $cfg['hostjunk_Idu']);[/br]unset($cfg['localhost'], $cfg['Idu'], $cfg['Idu']);

I hope that works. If it doesn't, post the error. I'm really sorry if it doesn't, I don't understand what unset does..

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