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Organize And Play A (simple) Game Of Dungeons And Dragons We can all be geeky now

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This Friday I played my first game of D+D. I'm happy to report that it is a truely fun game. I'm going to write a simple tutorial on how to play.



Dice. (6 Sided, 20 Sided, 12 Sided, 4 Sided, 8 Sided)

3 or more players.


The dice can be picked up at any store, or you can use an online Javascript dice roller. Here iss a link to the offical D+D version. This works obviously, but rolling real dice is SO much better.


Players roles

You will need a Dungeon Master[DM], and player. The DM is the one who will walk you through the story. He will create the monsters, and play as the monsters. He even has to set up shop for people to buy weapons, etc.


The Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master must write up a story prior to the game play. He must have a full story, a map of the town, dialouges for the people in the town, and locations of monsters.



For example, my DM had a full story about a town in lock down after being raided by Orcs. The giant stone statue that protects the town has fallen apart, and is missing a peice. He made it so people in the town would leak information, and he made maps out of the town and where we would encounter orcs. He even did side quests like a man whos son was killed by orcs and offered 3 gold for every head that was broguht to him.


He must also have shops set up, and distrubure some amount of gold to everyone at the begining of the game.


For weapons, the DM must decide what will be fair and strong enough aganist the monsters he makes.


The DM has the biggest part of them all.


Charcter Creation

This is probably the hardest part, but can be the most fun. My technique is a bit simplier then the real way, but works the same.


Write this on a peice of paper.



Class:(Warrior, Ranger, Rouge, Wizard, etc.)

Race:(Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Orc, etc.)










Roll five 6 sided dice and add up the top 3 numbers rolled and place each into each of the skills. Which number goes in which is up to you.


Once you finish that, you must give out modifiers. If you are a warrior, then you'll get something like a +4 attack modifier. If you are a Wizard, the a +4 magic. This is more or less random and up to the DM.


To get your HP, multiply the strength number by 2. To get MP (Magic Points) multiply Int. by 2.


The DM will then explain the amount of Experince you need to level up, and how much gold everyone gets.


Your DM will also use the Dexterity to determine a move skill. If you have a high dexterity, then you'll have a high movement like 4, but if you have a lower dexterity, it will be more like 2.


If you are a wizard, you're DM will make a fair set of spells for you that are similar to other weapons he made.


Here is a link to the offical character sheets. They have alot more options then I covered, but then again I am explaining a simple game.


Game Play

On with the fun part!


Now everyone has a charcter, the DM explains the story. Shows the map and where things are, and the turns begin. This is an example of how a turn in D+D may run.


Player: I walk to the market place and talk to a merchent.


DM: He has a Greatsword and a small shield. The greatsword is 10 gold and the shield is 5.


Player: I buy the greatsword and leave. Thats my turn.


That would be an example of shopping. Here is an example of just standard game play.


Player: I walk into this house.


DM: A young boy asks you what you want.


Player: I ask if he knows anything about the orc raid the night before.


DM: The child says that his mom forced him to hide in the basement. He says all he saw was a large foot block the light from coming through the floorboards.


Player: I walk out side and end my turn.


This game play is the boring part, but the attack phase is the best.



Say the DM tells you that you have run into an orc. Your going to have to fight!


When you fight, you move a game peice or miniture onto a grid. Either a real map, or a chess board to make it simple.


The first player can move as many spaces as his move skill allows him. So, as soon as he is in range of his weapon, (A bow attacking 3 spaces, and a sword only 1.) he can attack. The attack will work simply like this.


Look at your weapons description. It will say roll a 8 sided dice. So you roll an 8 sided die, and get 6, but your attack modifier is 4, so you add 4 and get 10, then you will attack your enemy and lower his HP down 10.


Repeat this until all enemies, or you are dead.


Final Notes

This should give you the basic idea of how to play. I know this is very simple, but I'm expecting you to fill in my gaps. Add things, etc.


If you start getting into this alot then buy the books. The main books are The Players Handbook, The Dungeons Masters Guide, and The Monster Manual.


If something is missing or dosn't make sense, tell me and I'll fix it ASAP.


Good luck and happy playing!

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