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There A Spanish Girl And I Like Her!:d how to talk to her,but dont know to speak her language

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:) I like a girl in my GYm Class, She spanish and i want to talk to her and try to hang out with her, but the problem is i dont speak spanish and she dont speak english. We cant communication to each other. I was thinking of learning spanish as i can even though i Asian and not good with spanish language. What should i do?


This Poem i wrote for her


Sometimes it is hard

to put feelings into words

when it not ready to say it

it feel like it was a nice day

to know a special person like you

Each day i wake up

I see u smile at me

just like in my dream

when i wake up

i thought is a dream

but is not i see you in front of me

you smile at me like a rose

ready to be open with the leave

just the same thing in my dream

when i wake up each morning

i see you smile at me

when my eye open

Is was you and me alone in the room

I know that my day

will be all right with you

when you make me feel

like it was in heaven and stars

when i wake up each morning

i see you look wonderful

just like the roses in my garden

when i see you my heart start nervous

and hurt so bad then a with out you

when i wake up is will be a great

day for me to remember the day

That i see in each morning!!


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hi,good to know that you like a spanish girl and making attempts to communicate with her..But just take in mind before heading for anything or say relationship ,its very important to communicate with each other. Every relation depends on how easily we can communicate with them.

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since yu seem quite genuine ( n thats cho chweet) i thot of reply to yur dilemma.. so Mr. lover yu gotta first find out who are the dame's frns who speak eng? observe who she talks to.. get to know that person.. be geniunely friendly wid them, offer to help them if they need any, n take them in yr confidence.. if yur gym class is in school/ university then find out which other classes she attends.. so prolly if yu know she's on her way to learning eng that'll be great for yu! see if yu can join any of her other classes.. n lastly tell that frn of hers ( who'did be yur frn by now) how much yu really like her n wanna get to know her.. ask him/ her to help yu/ be the translater/ interpretor/ watever- but only only for some time ( cuz yu obviously don want him to fall for her rite!!) n ye before any of this Mr. lover, find out if she has a boyfriend already...

these are some options that i ve given yu to choose from.. if yu really have a "will" for her, yu gotta take some "way".. best of luck n act fast.. n let me know.. n yeh.. lemme know if yu have better competetion in the gym..

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