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Brian Gillingham

House Of Cars - Fall Now!

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So, this has got to be nearning the end for this administration, right? It seems that there are enough scandals and investigations going on now to get ready for the chaos that will follow.

I hope that the new speaker of the house (probably Nancy Pelosi, eh) will get straight to business with the impeachment. There is no reason to hesitate. If we wait much longer, there will inevitably be more damage done. The time is near....

Bush / Cheney authorized declassification of Valerie Plame in order to make what Joe Wilson was not true. Joe Wilson is a hero. In fact, Bush's father as President in 1991 called Wilson a "real American hero" pointing to the important work Wilson has done as a diplomat ("A True American Hero" - Salon news story).

Cheney can go to hell - or is that his secret hiding place? If his approval rating were any lower, he should QUIT! Isn't he dragging down the administration (just like Rumsfeld)? What a great story teller... too bad his stories all alway LIES. Cheney's lies are among the most-damaging to American credibility. Reports that Cheney got about Iraq's nuclear program said that it was decaying and He (Saddam) was further away from nuclear weapons in 2003 than he was in 1991. I am not even going to provide any link here for this -- you KNOW that Cheney is a liar.

So, the head of the CIA just resigned (over links the "Duke Cunningham" scandal read about "Duke").

A special report came to the conclusion that FEMA would be better off if they scrapped it and started over.

The goverment spending is STILL out of control. Did you know that we are building a $0.5 BILLION dollar embassy in Iraq? With so much urgent rebuilding needed in Iraq, did you know that this is one of the few building projects that is ON SCHEDULE in Iraq? Read more about this here.

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