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Blood/water Ripples, Blood/water Drop Waves.

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well i was searchin for an effect like this and i got to ur 'Pool of Blood' tutuorial but it really didnt help me in what i wanted, so i tried making the effect i wanted my self and i got a really convinent result to make an effect that looks as if a drop of blood/water dropped into somethin and made some waves...


Make a new sheet ofc, i started with 400x400pixels coz i like squares <_<


anyway create a new layer and select the Gradient Tool


choose the colors u need to make in the gradient, if its for water then choose blue for 1st and white for the 2nd, if its blood choose red for 1st color and black for 2nd


Drag the Gradient tool wherever in the page, just make sure u are selecting Linear gradient, and normal blending, and also make sure than when u drag the gradient u make each color takes nearly half of the page.


now go to Filter>Distort>Twirl and set the angle to 700 then ok, ofc u can set it to w/e u like but i found out that 700 is just a nice angle.


next step is the zigzag, go to Filter>Distort>ZigZag ive set the ammount to -15 and the ridges to 20 pond ripples, u can still edit to get the best result u need.


now here comes the part to edit it, go to Edit>Transform>Perspective, and drag the buttom corners outwards to get the result that it looks like its 3d, and Ta Da, here it is, well u can now just add a drop or anythin in the middle to make it look like what u want..


Posted Image

thats my result, hope urs will b better.


hope it was a nice tut, its my 1st actually, so guys im sry if some1 wrote a tut containing this bfr but i really was just playing with filters to get a result like this..

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