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Muqu?bec Longterm Lagless Mu online private server

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ServerName: MuQuebec

ServerForum: HERE

ServerWebsite: HERE

ServerDownloads: HERE

ServerPatch: HERE

ServerMain.exe ( if you already have 1.02d client files except the main.exe file ):


ServerLauncher: HERE

Experience: 500x

Drops: 80x

ResetLVL: 350 | ResetCost: 10 mil zen (easy to get)

ResetBonus: 300points/reset -items stay!(RESET ON SITE- don`t take items off)

MG CreateLVL: 220

DL CreateLVL: 250

Items LVL up to +15+28%

ONLINE! , bring your friends!




New Interface and graphics/visuals ( Lorencia into Aida mods, etc.. )

No Personal store, items are easy to get.

Castle Siege ( Both event and map are working! )

New Maps (Crywolf, Aida, Kalima, and more)

New Mobs (Crywolf, Aida, Kalima, and more)

New Items (Sets and weapons) ( Ancient items working and dropping! )

New Fenrir Pet ( Working with no bug! )

New skills for each class. ( Discover them on our server! )

Limited Bugs ( Always working on it, help us out too! )


MuQuebec EVENTS:


Many events like:

-Castle Siege

-Kill the beggers

-Party A Gm

-Search a Gm

-Lorencia Race

-Castle wars ( different from castle siege )

-And many many more!

- Prizes of those events are always the coolest things you can get!




ChaosRates Higher than normal

Soul and Bless %Rate Better than normal

Ancient Set items Drops!

Enabled +15+28 Items

Bless bug off

ServerSpecif: 1.2GB RAM; 3.2Ghz PIV; 2x 120 GB SATA ; WinXP sp2

You can now test the server with the account name: test - and password: test


More infos about MuQuebec:


Friendly GMs ( Admins and Gm list in forum )

Many languages can be spoken on server ( Admins speaks many languages )

/post command works

Actually recruiting GMs ( Serious inquiry only, see forum for details )

More events and items that you will ever find anywhere!

Golden mobs invasion.

Bc from 1 to 7 fully working

Ds from 1 to 7 fully working

Special thing called Referers ( Read about it more on forum! )

More infos soon!




Un petit mot ŕ tout les québécois et français de se monde, les admins principaux sont français, donc venez nous rejoindre =)

Notice from jlhaslip:
En Anglais, s'il vous pait.

And use bbcode tags on lists like this, too.

Edited by jlhaslip (see edit history)

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