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Trying Out A Sestina

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SestinaThere may be a few or onefor a young woman to be in my shoe,knowing after an operation, I?ll be free.Fighting fit, well alive.Having family support helped me battle?the bloody cyst?Mum fulminated at the cyst.Using a common clich?, she?s my number one.She, too? fought a battle.She, too? in her own shoe.Her persistence kept her alive,alive?and free.Dad?his trapped emotions released, free.Hearing the news of the abolished cyst,face alight?alive!He too, was the oneto be in the same shoefighting along with me? the battle.Little brother, needn?t to battle.He truly was relaxed? free.A little kid to be in his sister?s shoe?Impossible! ...Competing with a huge cyst!The only puerile one,where, in his little world?alive. A doctor?s duty is to keep his patient alive.The pressure?the importance to win the battle.My doctor, solely the one,to rescue, to help set free,his young patient from the massive cystA demanding job to be in a doctor?s shoe. My grandparents. In their own shoe,they were fearful for me, yet they kept alive,knowing that the terrorizing cyst had lost the long? battle.They are relieved and free,As I am their grand daughter, their only one?To be in my shoe, fighting the battle.To keep alive and be freefrom the ?bloody cyst?yes, that one.

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