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Your Idea Of The Best Game Ever

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I would love to see games reach a new level of interactivness. For instance you know how in RPGs, like Jade Empire, when they ask you a question and you just pick an answer? I would love to see someone create something where instead of picking your answer you talk into the mic, saying anything and they can understand what you are saying a react to it, sorta like in Hey You Pikachu, except far more advanced. Also I would love to see a game, almost like Fable like but diffrent, keep up with every thing you do and say and give you a good spirit or a bad spirit. Also, I think what Obilvion does is extroadnairy, but I believe developers could take it further...Also in these games they should be near infinite, sorta like a mix between The Sims and a RPG would a great storyline, and if not infinite you should have plenty to do, I also think it would be great if the game didn't have set quests/missions, but rather have quests/missions based on what people think of you mixed with whatever you feel like doing, like in real life. That's just my ideas, tell me what you think.

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