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Naukoro (private Ragnarok Server) Join Today were a growing community

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Join Today!

many custom items and custom npcs with quest


5x/5x/5% which is 5x the normal server of RO


Click here for forums




Download This:

Click here to download


Make sure your kRO is updated and extract those files to your RO folder... use the NaukoRO.exe to play.. ^^




1. Keep a nice forum active, and friendly

Meens, stay an active member on the forums if you wish, and be friendly to others

2. No Harrasment

No Racisim, or any other sort of Harrasment.. we are friendly to all ^^

3. Respect the GMs

Respect us, how hard can it be? unless your a spaming loser who just wants to spam our mail with "mAkE m3 admn plx" >_>;

4. No Begging.....

No Begging for Items or Zeny or anything else.. Other then heals its always funny to see...

5. Common Sense

Use your brain.. Comeon don't be an idiot..

6. No Hacking or third party programs AKA bots

Hacking is NOT Tollerated!!


Remember GMs will NEVER ask you for your account information!!

Report any Game Master who does so...



2.66ghz pentium 4 processor

1024mb (1 gig) of ram

1mb download/768kb upload rate

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