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Rome: Total War

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When I went to my cuz house last wknd. I experienced the RTS Rome: Total War. I really like how you can control seperate units. like cavalry, infantry, missile. It's not like Empire Earth, where you have to select each and every unit. Also his comp is amazing so you can have a lot of ppl on the battle field. This is one of my games S=spear I=Infant C=cavalry E=elephants A = archers Enemy army E C C C E A A I I S S S I I I S S S S I A A E C C C E My Army So first I sent my cavalry to the left and right side and left one of them with the rest of my army. The enemy army starts to move so I put my spearman down and start sending volleys of arrows into the opposing spearmen and cavalry. After my cavalry were in good positions. I started to rush with my elephants against the opposing elephants. Then let my cavalry loose against the opposing elephants too. Then I started advancing slowly with my spear. Two of the enemy cavalry units tried to stop my advance but thanks to the spears they were stopped. Then I finished off the opposing elephants and the remaining cavalry unit fled. I was about finish the infantry when the spearman started to attack my elephants. I killed my elephant units since they were on a rampage and also lost a cavalry unit. I dropped my spears and attacked from behind the infantry. I won this little battle and started to chase them. I lost another cavalry unit to the spears. So then I started to advance my whole army towards the spearmen. My cavalry was doing pretty bad but then The archers started to bring down some of the opposing spearmen, since they were turned towards the cavalry and the cavalry were aided by the infantry and spearmen. The rest of the opposing army started to flee. I won, by killing 1000 out of 1200 men I lost about 300. It was my first game and a good game too

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