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Counter Strike-css

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Well counter strike source and the counter strike series is by far the worlds most played online action game. "Theres nothing like the rush of hunting people down and killing them" but yet all in the safety of a computer CS:S is ran by steam its such a great shooting game consisting of guns people a microphone. My tactics would have to be on a map called de_dust: Would be to Move to the tunnels with a shotgun and a he grenade wait untill they come in a grenade them run back to spawn (place you spawn and buy guns) and grab another he grenade run abck and blast them into pieces, then run in with my shotgun and shoot them as fast as i can dodging bullets as i go.. This is by far my favourite game and my collection is huge and vast ranging from Real time strategy to 1st person shooters and in my well over 450+ games collection CS:S stands out.. So anyone else play this game? Got xfire or something fancy a few games

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