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Tapestries Of Existence you are One, we are All, but is that all?

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A thread is an entity existing in the Tapestry, seemingly with a start node, an end node, and some speed with direction somewhat independent of the whens of its start-stop nodes.Velocity, significance are descriptors of flow. Flow is important, comparable to momentum. Some threads are more significant than others, traveling further or having more nodes of interface with other threads. It may be difficult to ascertain significance until after a thread has been a part of the tapestry for some time, given ample opportunity to interact with the whole. Velocity entails direction and speed. Is the thread flowing with the relative tapestry or against the grain? Does it change direction going askew of the whole or redundantly spend itself over the same area? Does the thread reinforce or stress the surrounding threads?Other characteristics include color, texture, substance, perhaps more. Such characteristics would have varying degrees of significance if any. They may be crucial or not to a tapestry. They may not materially manifest to our senses.Threads can be people. We have semi-certain beginning and ending nodes, we meet other people/threads to form nodes as our threads meet theirs. Lives can be strengthened or cut asunder at nodes. Perhaps a node's purpose is nothing more than serendipity or maintenance. Some threads contribute to the consistency of a tapestry with little effectual change.Nodes represent specific intersections of people and time. We're all related by time, mathematically speaking. When we first meet someone, a node is formed from our threads which continue on dependent upon the circumstances of the node. Did you smile, argue, love or laugh? By approaching a node carefully and tending its flow afterward, we can guide the momentum of threads.I imagine that every living being is a thread, having the spark of life that is associated with their respective thread. For most beings, there are certain states of Life and Death which are simpler ways of saying whether a thread is progressing through this tapestry or not, part of this space-time or not. There may be more than one tapestry. Tapestries may be separated by different criteria. I'm hesitant to say that tapestries are necessarily separated by time, however. If there is to be any common denominator, it must be time. Even as tapestries may be separated by time, tapestries flow with other tapestries.Consider a bird having lived its natural life outside of human realms, neither affecting nor affected. The bird is startled by a predator in the evening, swoops low from one tree to cross a rural highway, is crushed by the impact of an unknown speeding car whose driver loses control, resulting in casualties. These threads were not directly related before, separated across species lines. Yet they met.There are manifolds of tapestries, binding the latter together into what we generally perceive as our collective reality. Is the manifold of earthbound tapestries the only manifold? If not, how do we refer to a set of manifolds?Perhaps the paradigm is too singluar, isolationist. The whole cannot be described without its member threads, making each thread simulatenously insignificant and paramount. If millions form the whole, and the whole cannot exist without a individual, then we must describe the manifold as a thing of constant change.The philosophical caluculus is daunting.

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