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Brian Gillingham

You Save The Planet Writers needed

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Welcome to the building project for "You Save The Planet"


My Wiki around You Save The Planet is now up, but I will need some time to configure it...


Open house? I suppose that a website is not really ready for the "Open house" until everything is in place. I want to say that this is more of a "Welcome to the building project.... I'm the site foreman... don't trip over any of that HTML". :lol:


The site can be found: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. if you are an envrionmentally conscious writer, have any ideas or comments, please use the Wiki's "Contact us" link.


As for now, I plan to allow people to register as editors. I really don't know how to control this - I should also try to get some professional quality authors to contribute. Could you imagine if I could get Bill Maher to write an article on the subject of political apathy, or anti-corporate farming.


I have been browsing around for some quality environmental RSS feeds - for News pages on various topics. If you have any recommendations, please pass on the RSS info.


Registration is FREE - for now


I plan to start charging for registered subscriptions in a couple months. Even though we'd still allow anybody to subscribe to our "Tips newsletters", the benefits of registration will be valued by the additional rights and privledges (like voting and competing in Banner competition, submitting directory links, most importantly - having more of a voice than anonymous users).


The idea behind the banner competition would be that registered users could submit a banner in each size category (optional), and vote for monthly winners. Those winning banners would be used to promote our community in the ads we place across the internet. The winners would have the pride of having created the ad for whichever month. Hopefully, I could track stats - to allow users to view the actual clicks from each banner type. At the very least, we would keep a monthly of the winners.


I know somebody who potentially wants to collaborate already (friend websites ~ swap content ~ cross promote). His website is all about alternative fuels - with a focus on bio-diesel.


Notice from Brian Gillingham:
Tiki update from 1.8.6 to 1.9.2 completed.... should have been completed in a few hours, but issues cropped up by trying to use the same directory.
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