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Movies 2006 - Which Are You Looking Forward To?

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This is a list which i obtained from a private forum in my area


Im unsure of how real it is but i guess some are real


Game-Related :-



Blood Rayne The Movie


Carmen Sandiego


DOA : Dead or Alive


Far Cry




The Hitman Chronicles


Silent Hill



Comin Book-Related :-



X-Men 3


Asterix et les Vikings(Asterix and the Vikings)


Sin City 2


The Punisher 2


V for Vendetta



Animation :-





Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown



Drame and Others :-



A Scanner Darkly


Autumn Rememberance


Casino Royale




Final Destination 3


Hollow Man 2


I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer


Mission Impossible 3


Miami Vice


Mobile Suit Z Gundam 3 : A New Translation - Love is the Pulse of the Stars


Monster House


Pattern Recognition


Pirates of the Carribean : Dead Man's Chest


Police Academy


Rambo IV


Scary Movie 4


Superman Returns


The Da Vinci Code


The Lady from Shanghai


The Pink Panther


War Magician


Young Hannibal : Behind the Mask



Quentin Tarrantino (QT)-Related :-





Hell Ride






Inglotious *BLEEP*s




Which do u wish 2 see and looking forward 2 ?

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Looking list provide and a few of those that are not on there I have noticed one similarity with most of them, they are either sequels or remakes of old movies. I personally am getting a bit disillusioned with the lack of creativity when it comes to Hollywood. They seem to be churning out more sequels or remakes lkately that original movies. Rambo IV, come on, i was still in school when they brought that out and even then it wasn't that great. Will Mr. Stallone still be John Rambo? If I remember rightly he's pushing 50 ...Scary movie 4, more drivel. Remakes are the worst, King Kong, Pink Panther, police academy, please the originals were great but the remakes are poor. The original King Kong was much better than the remake, possibly just because it is in black and white. I'm sure there will be many people who disagree with this but I think i'll be giving the cinema a miss with their ?5.50 charge per movie and wait for the movies to be released on satellite TV.

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