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Iceagemu Free MuOnline Server 24/7 Online Long-Term :)

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Welcome Players

We are an OLD server here and have a nice comunity of players too

Our Servers as u will see if you will choose to play here are a little more diferent then the rest of all servers arround (settings,visual interface,new items,new maps looks and more)


Curently we run two kind of servers

LOW exp and BIG exp



Armageddon Server* (LOW exp) : Exp: 75x Drop: 40% http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Server1 = NO-PVP

Server2 = PVP


Eden Server (BIG exp) : Exp: 1000x Drop: 70% http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Server1 = NO-PVP

Server2 = PVP

Server3 = PVP

Server4 = PVP

Server5 = PVP (VIP Server)



Our Main WebSite is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


We curently have a NEW website for both Armageddon and Eden who it's better then the last one and very easy to use and can be accesible by all people,computers,OS's



Features of IceAgeMU:

We Rename all Classes:


Dark Knight - Warrior

Blade Knight - Paladin

Elf - Archer

MuseElf - SharpShooter

Dark Wizard - Elementalist

Soul Master - OverLord

Magic Gladiator - Cleric

Dark Lord - Emperor



New sets for each class - New and better weapons for each class.

New skills for each class.

All weapons working without bugs

A lot of new maps (Crywolf Fortress, Aida, Kalima, Valley of Loren, Land of Trials and more coming)

New monsters in the new maps.

New Guild system (everything looks more organized)

Darklord Completely unbugged (including command stat,pets and skills)

10 vaults per account

Marriage working

Trace your husband/wife

Advertise by typing "/post txt here"

Move menu working

Chaos castle event working

Server stable 24/7

Obtain cool items by donating and supporting.

GM COMMANDS ALL WORK (gm's can disconnect / trace)



Dark Lord works

Bird Works without problems

Dark horse works

All Skills work (Fire Burst, Fireblast, Summon skill, Earthquake, Increase Critical DMG, electric spark)

Working events


Devil Square

Chaos Castle


GM events, where you can earn credits for MU Shop.


We have a revolutionary MU SHOP system

were u can customize what items u want to buy:

- add what level u want that item to be

- add what options u want to have (normals or excelents)

- add luck or not

- add skill or not (weapons)


Donation System

If you will like to donate to help our server grow and help us bring you more nice versions, and other many new things or just to show ur apreciation for us u r welcome


Every person who donate will get credits for the money they donate


1 usd = 1500 credits


Credits are buyed forever (till the end of this server) and they are insured by me in case of wipe or other problems (u can ask curent donnors that i'm a man of word and they get exactly what they as for in limit of theyr credits)


Credit Events System:

It will be 5 events daily

- 4 events with prize 400 credits

- 1 event with prize 1000 credits


If you wish to upgrade the items you already bought from mushop, you have to donate at least 20$. This way you will receive back the old credits + the new 20$ ones and you can buy better items from mushop.






Server setup:


Servers Have This Configuration:



AMD 3000+ Barton 32 bits

2042 DDRAM

HDD 80 G

Connection: 100 mbit


AMD 4000+ 64 bits

2042 DDRAM

HDD 150 G

Connection: 100 mbit


AMD 4000+ 64 bits

2042 DDRAM

HDD 150 G

Connection: 100 mbit


AMD 3000+ 64 bits

2042 DDRAM

HDD 80 G

Connection: 100 mbit


AMD 3000+ 64 bits

2042 DDRAM

HDD 80 G

Connection: 100 mbit





AMD 3000+ Barton 32 bits

2554 DDRAM

HDD 80 G

Connection: 100 mbit


AMD 3000+ Barton 32 bits

2554 DDRAM

HDD 80 G

Connection: 100 mbit





We are trying here to make something nice, i hope you people will apreciate this and come and play,bring your friends etc.

If your numbers will grow we will get more subservers to satisfy ur needs:)

We are a PRO Team and we work as hard as we can to bring you something new and nice to play and to make IceAge one of the best (i will not say the best because there are other servers good arround) but we are UNIQS in our way.

I hope you will ENJOY playing here.



* Every Saturday and Sunday in Armageddon will be 1 hours BIG EXP EVENT with 150x Exp.

Start Time is 20:00 GMT+2



If You Like To Put Your Server At Our Disposal And Host A Subserver For IceAgeMU servers (eden or armageddon) contact me at admin[at]iceagemu.com

This is for ICaffe Owners who don't want any kind of lag for they players or for ISP's or offcourse single owner with a decent bandwith


NOTE: the files we will put in ur computer will be coded/packed by us and they will expire at every 2 weeks(they will be replaced by me at every 2 weeks), so if u intend just to get our files u will get nothing!

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