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Ultra Mobility Computers Combine the functionality of PDA, cell phone, and PC into a single dev

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What is next generation of computers???

Some companies (Intel, VIA, AMD and Microsoft) made next step to future...


Via intoduce their new mobility devices.


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Today the Ultra Mobile space is dominated by non-PC (or non-x86) architectures such as ARM or RISC that require unique components and often proprietary software. The advantage of driving the PC into smaller form factors is that it can leverage a massive software and developer base. However, the barriers preventing the PC platform moving into the Ultra Mobile space have always been size, cooling requirements, and power consumption.


VIA has taken major steps to address these barriers and enable VIA's x86 platform to move into a whole new range of Ultra Mobile devices. The embodiment of these efforts is the ultra power efficient and cool running operation of the VIA C7Ž-M family of processors. Developed from the ground up for maximum performance-per-watt operation, products such as the VIA C7-M ULV processor far outclass the capabilities of any other processor on the market.


The development of a low power platform does not stop there. For years, VIA has been designing some of the lowest power chipset solutions on the market. By focusing on rich feature integration and superb video quality through the Chromotion Video Engine, while retaining low power consumption and minimum cooling requirements, VIA digital media chipset solutions continue to lead the market for integration into small form factor designs.


Three new mobile products by Via:

1. VIA C7-M ULV processor

2. VIA VN800 digital media mobile chipset

3. VIA VT8237A advanced chipset south bridge


AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Family


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AMD Turion 64 mobile technology is the most advanced family of simultaneous 32- and 64-bit WindowsŽ-compatible processors made for mobility uniquely optimized to deliver AMD64 performance in thinner and lighter notebook designs with longer battery life, enhanced security*, and compatibility with the latest wireless and graphics technologies, today and tomorrow.


The most advanced family of simultaneous 32- and 64-bit WindowsŽ- compatible processors made for mobility

Uniquely optimized to deliver AMD64 performance in thinner and lighter notebook designs

Longer battery life, enhanced security with Enhanced Virus Protection* enabled by Windows XP SP2, and compatibility with the latest wireless and graphics technologies, today and tomorrow .


The start of an exciting new family of products made for mobility- from todays newest thin and light notebooks to tomorrows most innovative new mobile computing devices

AMD PowerNow! technology delivers performance on demand and longer battery life for a true mobile experience

Full wireless compatibility with 802.11a,b and g, and Bluetooth standards, so you can stay connected on-the-go anywhere in your mobile world**

With AMD Turion 64 mobile technology, notebooks can offer the latest, best-of-breed wireless technologies that deliver breakthrough Wi-Fi performance


The Benefits of the Latest Generation of Microsoft Mobile Technology

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Many organizations continue to use aging mobile devices for a variety of uses including package and inventory tracking. Maintenance and support costs for legacy devices can be high. Replacing these older tools with more powerful Windows-based mobile devices can significantly reduce the overall cost of ownership and provide a more flexible platform for business solutions. In some organizations, the cost of replacing legacy devices and infrastructure is offset by operational savings. Plus, Windows-powered mobile devices are easier to update with new applications and can remain useful much longer.


Lower hardware cost. The direct replacement cost for one of these older devices and spare parts can be substantially higher than for a Windows-powered mobile device. A new generation of integrated wireless devices can replace a number of single-purpose devices, including cell phones, personal organizers, and pagers.


Lower software development costs. Microsoft offers a full range of tools and technologies that can help companies more efficiently build and deploy mobile applications. Tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, ASP.NET mobile controls, and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework help developers be productive.


Lower wireless service charges. The newer generation of wireless devices can help reduce wireless service charges because of their ability to transmit data faster.


New Intel Celeron Duo Processor


Posted Image




IntelŽ CentrinoŽ Duo mobile technology


With the IntelŽ Core Duo processor

From intense gaming to high-definition entertainment

Do more with the things you love where and when you want with one of the latest, sleekest, power-efficient and connected laptops.


Innovative, reliable and compatible

Revolutionize your mobile entertainment and communications experience with laptop technologies that help you collaborate more efficiently and work more productively.


Revolutionary mobile performance

Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology delivers breakthrough mobile performance to run multiple demanding applications simultaneously.


Battery life

The new power-saving features of Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology enable improvements in battery life+, giving you the ability to do more on the go.


Variety of form factors

A new Intel mobile dual-core processor-based laptop actually has a smaller hardware footprint than previous laptop designs to enable a wide variety of notebooks.


Expanded wireless connectivity

Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology helps you enjoy extended wireless mobility, with new features that let you connect to most available industry standards-based networks and let you determine how dynamically your laptop will roam to a new access point.+


What next...?

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I can't wait for such a device with linux inside, so that one could afford one...cause if u pay for <crappy> windows, it would double it's price (and also breakdowns :angry:)-very interested in the VIA solutions, would certainly like one.

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