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A Letter A True Story

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This is a letter from my friend

Recently my life has been getting so much better than I could ever imagine. There is currently nothing more that I could ask for to make it better.
All of the bad influences in my life are moving farther and farther away from me. I recently transfered schools, because of how badly I was harassed and threatened at my previous one. Because of this, I have been away from all of my friends who were greatly into drug use, and other illegal or negative activities. I've decided to give up all of my drug using, which wasn't very hard since I didn't very often in the first place. The only drug I would use was weed, and that was just once or twice a month. I've promised myself that it will never use any drugs or alcohal again, and do everything possible to keep myself away from them.

I've gained a great bunch of new friends. This may sound odd, but the majority of all my friends now are religious church-goers. I even have started going to church on Sundays and occasionally Wednesdays now, at my friends' church they go to. I've become a lot more religious, and I am started to even lean towards christianity. Which is a huge change from how I used to so greatly support atheism.

A while back when I first started going to church events, I was introduced to the new love in my life. We began talking often daily, and began to realize how we have both been through so much to get to the bright moments in our life we're at now (okay, maybe she hasn't been though some of the things I have. Attempted suicides, nearly being put up for adoption by my mother, ect). She's more than I could ever ask for, and I don't want to think about where I would be if I wouldn't have had her to help me get my problems off my chest.

Basically my entire life has completely changed and improved just because a few changes in life. The main thing that has seemed to help me is how I've been becoming so religious now. From going to church I've heard so many stories of how a person's life can be made better by the most sudden and unexpected things.

Has anyone here ever had a time in there life that things just seem to change drastically so quickly, whether it be for better or for worse? And what was it in your life that really seemed to change it so much.

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