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How To Download From Brturbo Using flashget

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How to download from brturbo

1 ) goto main flashget options
2 ) goto proxy tab click "add"
3 ) enter BrTurbo in title box
4 ) check the HTTP <Get> circle
5 ) enter in Server box
6 ) enter 80 in Port box
7 ) click OK to close proxy box
8 ) go to connection tab
9 ) enter 500 for Connection
10 ) enter 500 for data
11 ) value between 5-10 in retry delay
12 ) copy your BrTurbo link
13 ) "paste url" into flashget
14 ) an "add new download" box will appear
15 ) under general tab enter 10 in split file part simultaneous box
16 ) go to advanced tab
17 ) in proxy box select BrTurbo for both Http & Ftp
18 ) select OK
19 ) Let 'er RIP!
20 ) if that ip doesn't work here are more choices to try port 3128200.153.54.130 port 3128 port 3128 port 3128 port 3128 port 3128 port 3128 port 3128 port 8080 port 3128 port 80 port 80 port 3128 port 80 port 3128 port 8080 port 3128 port 3128 port 80 port 3128 port 3128
(Brazilian proxies)

Note -

if you always get socket error - that means - you did something wrong - or your isp blocked the Brturbo's

Always use flashget - its compatible 100 % with most downloads

Remember 10 / 10 connections must be set - if not you will expect low speeds.

Notice from rejected:
Quoted IP/ports, lists such as that need to be quoted.

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Well, great! First I would like to point out that you need to quote those, maybe? Especially the IP's.

Maybe you should start off by saying what is Brturbo? Many of the people would like to know what that is before actually trying out your tutorial.

I think you copied MOST of the post from here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

I'm not sure...so I'm not saying anythying about it.

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