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Mmorpg Guilds What looting system do you use for endgame

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What looting system does your guild use in the endgame content.

We use a DKP system and here is a brief explanation on it well not brief lol but an explanation none the less.

These are from a forum of which I myself posted the information as you see it here.

So to Quote myself::::

1. What is DKP?DKP stands for Dragon Kill Point. It is a looting system based on earning points from killing targets and being able to use those points earned on item drops during raids. In order to award people fairly for the time and effort they put into raids this system is commonly used by guilds on many MMORPGs. By taking the Random aspects out of rewarding players it eliminates new people that havent invested any time in a raids progression from receiving unjust rewards. In other words You get what you work for or The harder you work the luckier you get

Disclaimer: Updates on DKP standings may take up to 24 hours to post.
2. DKP System
2.1 Earning Points
2.1.1 Starting points
All players upon entering the DKP system for the first time will start with 15 points. This will allow that player to meet the minimum bid early in the raid system. This number may change as we progress.

2.1.2 Showing Up On Time
To be eligible for the on time point all three of these requirements must be met:
1. Logging on and being invited into the raid group more than 30 minutes prior to the start time of the raid.
2. Being in the staging area before the start time of the raid, and moving out with the raid group at the start time of the raid.
3. Being in the instance no more than 15 minutes past the start time of the raid. The raid leaders will make the final judgement call.

2.1.3 Raid Value
Each Raid and instance is gauged upon length, difficulty, and whether or not they are planned.

Raids range in value from 1 to 3 points. Points are assigned as follows:
1 - ZG attendance
1 - ZG boss kill
1 - ZG end-raid
2 - Onyxia attendance (kill or not)
2 - MC attendance
2 - MC boss kill
2 - MC end-raid
3 - BWL attendance
3 - BWL boss kill
3 - BWL end-raid

In some instances there will not be an end-raid points award depending on the success of the ending of the raid. Often times if the last thing done in a raid is a boss kill prior to ending the raid, the boss kill points will be awarded and the end-raid points will be omitted.

Note: For the first kill of any boss double points will be awarded for the event.

2.2 Point Caps
There is no limit to the amount of points you may save up. However, passing on upgrade items in order to save for an inordinate amount of time is strongly discouraged. Raid leaders can and will take action to ensure DKP saving does not get out of hand if too many Tier 1 items go unbid. We do NOT want to disenchant items.

2.3 Bidding
2.3.1 Silent Bid System
When an item drops that more than one player wants as an upgrade to their existing set the Loot Master will verify that the members have sufficient DKP based on minimum bid value, then those that are eligible will be given the opportunity to bid by sending the amount of DKP they are willing to bid to the loot master in a private tell. The loot master will announce the winner and award the item to the winner unless there is a tie (see below).

2.3.2 Ties
In the event of a tied bid the Loot Master will declare a random 100 roll off between the tied bids. The person who rolls the highest will receive the item for the amount they originally bid. Neither of the tied players can change their bid in the case of a tie in an effort to outbid the other.

2.3.3 Negative Points
Players may not go into the negative points.

2.3.4 Minimum Bid Item Values
All items have a minimum bid on them. This is to ensure that points earned are spent on items. Even if an item is not needed by anyone else in the raid there is still a minimum bid. The reason for this is simple. Certain classes, Druids for example, have no competition in raids. If no min bid was set for items that no one else wants or can use, then those people would be able to get most of their gear for no points. This would allow them to retain their points and easily out bid others on items that they have to compete for.

Items values are based on the rarity and demand of the item. Below is a list of item point values.

"Epic/Purple" Boss Drops = 15 points
"Epic/Purple" Random Drops = 15 Points
"Epic/Purple" Set Item Drops = 10 Points
"Epic/Purple" Quest Components (ZG) = 5 Points
"Epic" Quest Items (Ancient Petrified Leaf, Head of Onyxia etc) = 15 Points
"Legendary/Orange" Drops = to be determined

2.4 Unbid items
2.4.1 DKP Excluded Items Standard loot/trash loot
For all items that are BoE and rare or uncommon (blue or green), the loot master will loot the item and hang on to it until the end of the raid. Members remaining at end of raid will roll random 500 for loot order, and the loot master will proceed down the line in order of highest to lowest roll and allow raid members to choose the items. Guild bank items
Currently certain items have guild bank preference. For example; Lava Cores, Fiery Cores, Souldarite, etc. are placed in the guild bank and distributed to the proper classes depending on raid status. Tanks will be equipped first, followed by healers, and down the line.

2.4.2 Bind on Pickup
Any BoP item that was not bid upon will go through rounds of lessened cost bidding. The minimum bid amount will be reduced in increments of 5 to a minimum of 5. If no one is willing to bid at least 5 points on the item, it will be disenchanted, and the Nexus Crystal will go to the guild bank.

2.4.3 Bind on Equip
If a BOE epic or Blue set item drops and there are no bids placed by current raid members it will be made available to members of EO not in the current raid. A post will be made in the DKP Bidding forum containing the item, the end date and time of the auction. All bids will take place via private message through the website (unless another bidding facility is developed) and only a single bid may be placed on any item per player.

If someone places a bid, spends points during another raid, and cannot cover the amount of the initial bid, the item will go to the next highest bidder.

When bidding on an item, each member can bid with only the accumulated points up to the time of the raid where the item was looted. Points obtained on raids after the item was looted cannot be used to bid.

2.5 General Rules
2.5.1 Raid Chat
When an item drops we expect our members to keep the raid channel clear so the raid leader can accept bids. It is a time of excitement and it is easy for the raid leader to miss bids if they cannot see them all. If someone is flooding the chat log with excessive conversation or Spam they will be subject to loss of DKP points.

2.5.2 Alternate Characters

Alternate characters are not treated as such in regards to DKP. Because our guild is structured to treat our members as the person that plays the character, not the character individually, our DKP is handled the same. If you are playing your alt, your points will be the same as if you were playing your main.

However, there are limitations on bidding on BoE items for your other characters. Depending on the situation, you may not be allowed to bid on items on behalf of your other characters. If you are asked to bring a specific character because of class balance, then you will automatically be given the opportunity to bid on behalf of your other characters. But to prevent abuse, if you decide on your own to bring a specific character, you may not bid on behalf of your other characters unless no one else that is present for the raid wants the item. This rule is at the discression of raid leaders to enforce. Its primarily set in place to prevent abuse...bidding on behalf of your other characters is the exception to the rule.

For those that dont know, Dragon Kill Points, or DKP, are a system for rewarding people per instance they complete with points which are later used to bid on items found in instances. Though this is a better system than rolling on each piece, this system tends to award the people who have no job, girlfriend, or home of their own. This means that DarklordFlatulence will have most of his gear before the rest of the guild since you really cant beat the 14 year old on summer break for time played without somehow turning back the clock to once again become 14 yourself, and even if you could, most would agree that it is not worth going through puberty again. The system isnt all bad though. It rewards the more active members of the guild and it avoids the inevitable I am a higher rank than you, so its mine! fights that sometimes break out over loot. The actual way this system works varies from guild to guild, much in the same way that the place you get hit for saying something nasty to a girl changes from girl to girl, so the method I am used to may not be the same one youre used to. My system is better than yours, though, so listen up.

The backbone of DKP is the points, believe it or not. Points are accumulated many ways, ranging from instances to PvP, and occasionally the white slave market. The number of points you earn per instance also vary, depending on what instance, how many people went, and how much was accomplished. There are some guilds that use stricter rules such as you must finish the instance or you must do it with 5 people meaning that you have to be an expert at the instance to earn any points, and probably have a computer that has no graphic lag, ever. All the points you earn are then tracked by either a guild member, the guild leader, on a forum, through officer notes, or through carving it into your arm with a rusty knife, so the guild leader doesnt say You dont have that many points! Regardless of your tracking method, you will eventually have differing accounts of who has how many points and it will likely turn into a battle or possibly end up with people leaving. This is actually an effective way to cull the weak members of the guild, though I wouldnt suggest it because Priests and Warriors are the biggest benefactors of this system, and also the most likely to leave.

DKP are worthless without something to spend them on, though. About the time people reach Molten Core, the battle over loot has hit its high point. This is where Dragon Kill Points, and hired hitmen, start to shine. Everyone will want that first Epic weapon, or that first epic necklace, and everyone will say they have some sort of claim to it as well. In such a situation where more than one person wants an item, DKP are used to bid on the item. After a short bit of bidding, normally ending in a lot of complaining from the losing parties, the person takes their item and loses the DKP they bid on the item. This comes to another problem, conserving DKP. There will always be that person that will spend 200 DKP to get the first of something, but a smart person knows that if everyone else gets rid of their DKP in large amounts they will be able to get more loot. First is great, but if youre the first to get the entire set, then thats much better. Most people dont get the concept of saving money though, which is why Jewelry stores and Rolls Royce are still in business.

While Dragon Kill Points are great, there are some better systems to reward people. A system I prefer over DKP is a Points Per Run system, or PPR, and I do know that also stands for Pikes Peak Raceway and Petes Platypus Receptacle. In this system, you get X points for the run. This means that everyone that goes is equal, and it still gives more loot to the more active members since they will be going on more raids. Instead of someone saving up 500 points, dumping them all on one item, then crying when another thing they want comes up, everyone gets so many points so they will know that next run they will have another chance at loot. There are also many ways to make it fair to prevent people from just yelling out all my points from the start, something that would not be all that uncommon in this system. By setting a maximum bid increment, say 5, you will stop DarkLordFlatulence from taking all of the gear and all of the hopes and dreams of the guild. If you do use this system, though, be wary; Warriors and Priests will hate it, because they wont get as much loot as they normally would, which to many people is the only reason to play a Warrior or Priest.

All in all, the DKP system is not bad. It keeps the most active players the best armored, meaning the guild will be better equipped in instances. On the other hand, people that play less often, even if just slightly, will suffer with inferior gear and probably develop a disorder that leaves them bouncing off of padded walls in a very small room, screaming Screw you DarkLordFlatulence! The system I conceived isnt foolproof either, and requires that you enforce it, but it is in ways better than DKP. It is still possible for one person to be geared out and others to be in inferior gear, but it at least levels the playing field. Regardless of the system you use to divide your loot, though, you will have problems and people will leave when they dont win. To many people, MMORPGs are all about the phat lewt.

you can find my postings as you see here


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