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Radiant And Codtools

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Does anyone know if the people who created the editing tools made a CoD2 version?I was looking into google result and CoD forums but noone has anything other than a public statement regarding "putting final touches" on the new editing toolkit. Supposedly you can use Radiant from CoD1 and UO for CoD2, but I don't have the origional game anymore and Radiant runs off the origional CoD using it's directory etc. So I have in install .exe but no way to install it. :( Also, is there another editing toolkit for CoD2? I liked the Radiant setup and GUI but making the map itself was a bit glitchy, often times ruining PK3s in the same directory. Guess that's what I get for modding the scripting :(Regardless, it would be nice to create some custom maps in CoD2. Saw a neat art piece at a friends house with a ruined church surreounded by a graveyard in a snowy glade and I thought that would be a perfect scene for my first custom map of CoD2.So anyone have any ideas, link, etc? Much appreciated if you do. If not, just as well, thanks for the post :(

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