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The Internet Chat Liar #4

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Man I can go on and on with all these internet stories.. It's kinda fun now to remember back through all that crap I went through.. Well this one didn't last too long cause it all started strange from the get go. well I meet her online and exchange pictures. Of course she is the beautiful sexy girl. Well after an hour of talking she gives me her number (which is odd for a very pretty girl to just give out her number to just anyone) So i call her that night and we talk and talk and talk however the conversation starts taking a weird turn. She starts talking about all these drepressing stuff in her life. Well, one thing she said was that at her last birthday no one even remembered.. not even her parents and that they didnt care so she went up to her bedroom and have a little cupcake and put a candle on it and sung happy birthday to herself. I dont know what part of that if any is even true.. but that is pretty sick. anyway.. I wanted to start getting off the phone and shes like NO dont hang up yet.. so we keep talking and talking then at one point shes like I have a secret to tell you.. and im like what.. shes like you might get mad.. i'm like no..i wont get mad just tell me.. so she whispers.. "i love you" and im like what did you say? she says you didnt hear me.. i said no.. so she says it again "i love you" im like .... uh ok.. but I cant say it back because i hardly know you.. well shes like.. well thats not what i mean..i meant i love you like a friend.. thats all.. and im ok..well if thats the case.. i love you as a friend too. im thiking in my head. this girl is friggen wacked out.. So, of course im still curious if this girl is the voice behind that face.. which i really doubted.. so i tried to push for a date real soon.. and of course.. she cant seem to find a right time to meet.. so i knew it wasnt her and i just said.. just admit that .. its not your picture.. its ok.. i just want you to be true to me..if were going to be friends. shes kept saying that is me.. and im like saying.. its ok.. dont worry about what yout told me if anything is true.. just lets start clean and just tell me is that your pic.. if not.. just tell me what you look like.. FINALLY I think shes like well i really have brown hair.. and i said see that wasnt bad was it.. then i'm like well i really hate liars and you mislead me from day one.. so I dont think i can talk to you anymore hahahha. and that was the end of that.. yea yea.. i know.. i was pretty bad on that one.. but hey.. thats the only way i was gonna squeeze it out of her

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