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Romancing Saga

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It is very open ended, very wide open and although there is not a majorly structured storyline, it allows for you to get a feel for each of the characters as you meet them. Unlike other RPG's, level grinding does you no good and actually makes things harder (as enemies grow stronger the more you fight). Gold is also very scarce in this game, forcing you to make alot of important decisions since not all of your characters can be decked out in uber-armor. The game also forces your personality to become part of the story, do you complete a mission and do the right thing? Or do you run off with the cash and leave people to fend for themsevles? With this game, you either love it or you hate it. Most people who love final fantasy do not like this game due to the lack of structure and the fact you have to go look for things to do. I love the realism in the game, in that you cant alays be the hero and there are other people out there doing things too. The storyline itself (if you can call something so unstructred a line) is pretty basic, but since it is so wide open and there are so many possibilities, you cant expect alot out of the basic storyline. Another warning: this game takes some getting used to. It took me at least 10 hours of playing before I finally understood the idea behind such an open-ended story. You cant just hop in and expect story after story (though i have come up with a way to do this =p) and missions are sometimes very difficult to find.

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