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About Creating Mmorpg Things to be taken in considerations for creating a mmorpg

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First of all, to create a mmorpg, is not easy, it takes time, patience and also dedication.
You need to have a minimun knowledge of Visual Basic (you can also use others programs like, C++, Pascal/Delphi)
Having the appropiate drawing tools, (for example: Photoshop, CoralDraw, etc) or in case your mmorpg is in 2D, or doesn't have/need the best graphic quality, you may also use Paint (sometimes is more useful than others drawing tools.) You don't need to have knowledge on designing because with time you will improve your techniques, and also you could have someone thats help you. (the same case with programming, but is better if you know so that you can take control of the project you want to make)
Make sure you have an internet webpage because don't forget that mmorpg mean massive multiplayer online role playing game, so make sure you promote the game (or project)
Now, that I've told you the basic points for making a mmorpg (If I wasn't explicit enough, you can mail me or send me a message so I explain better to you, if it was too basic, and you need more information the same.) I will pass to the next step.
Once you have all the things I've told you before, now you can star making your game, I highly recommend (to begginers) you have a source-code or something where you can start modifiying it. If not you can download one from http://www.baronsoft.com/ in my opinion is the easier to modify and to start.
I hope this was useful for all, sorry if I made a short explanation, or if I was too exagerated. For doubts, more information, you can mail me or send me a message, or post your questiong, I will try to answer it.

Juan Pablo Blanco

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