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Problem With Tikiwiki & Php 4.4 Problems running tikiwiki in fantastico

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Hi. I installed tikiwiki in fantastico (cpanel). Installation was fine but i got these annoying messages at the top of my screen. Something along the lines ofinvalid references in /lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php line 2456That's not the exact one. It looks something like that. So i go over to tikiwiki.org and do a forum search. It turns out that it's a common problem with php 4.4 (that Xisto.com runs). There's no known solution yet, only some temporary hacks that i found did NOT work with my installation. So with that said, is it possible for Xisto.com to update their php script?On a different note, is it possible for Xisto.com to install eAccelerator? It can be found at sourceforge.net. It's completely free (open source) and it works by caching php scripts. This will also be good for the Xisto servers coz the load on them will be alot less. The servers wont have to comile so many php scripts and can rather use the cached content. This will also benefit the users by allowing much faster pages (if using php scripts).Hope admins take note and can do something about either or both problems. Thanks in advance.

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