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Shadow Of The Colossus (ps2)

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Has anyone played SotC? I just picked it up today, and I have to say... Wow. This is by far the most beautiful game I've played this generation.anyways, a small overview (I'm not far into it, I'll review it when I beat all the colossi)...The game starts out with your character riding his horse to this massive (and beautiful) stone temple, where he places this girl on the altar. He speaks to the God there and askes to have her soul returned to her (she was sacrificed). Well, the God sees that you have the legendary sword and says its possible to bring her back under one condition... You have to kill the colossi... And thus the adventure begins...Your character has his sword, a bow and a horse. You take the sword into a sunny area, press Circle and it'll deflect the light to where the next colossus is. You then just ride in that general direction searching to pinpoint where the next massive boss is. The world design is equally massive, and load times are very little. (You don't even notice them).One thing about the colossi... They are some of the biggest creatures I have EVER seen in a video game... The scale in the game makes it feel like a david and goliath fight to the extreme... Basically, you knock them down, or find a way to get on them, and then you latch on to their body hair (nothing beats falling from a giant rock monster's butt hairs XD) and you climb up their massive bodies. They have light points, usually on their head or chest and you have to draw your sword and stab them. Then you hang on for dear life as this 30 story beast trys to shake you off until you get a chance to stab it again.The game is fun, and it is beautiful... The colossi are so beautifully designed it feels like you're killing art, and you almost feel bad about it (until one drops a massive stone sword on your head x_x).About an hour and a half into it, I'd give it a 9.5 out of ten, because some of the controls are a little akward.The music is very beautiful too, especially when you kill a colossus... It makes you feel like you really accomplished something.I should also note its from the same development team at SCEA that made ICO (another rare and beautiful game for another thread :rolleyes:)

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