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Windyro RO server

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Hey, this is windy RO, a RO server. Well, heres the features!

Server specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1900+
RAM: 1024MB DDR (266Mhz data rate)
HD: 160GB, 7200RPM (40GB for Backup)
Connection: 2048/512kb/sec

Main town : Gonryun
Rates : 8000x base exp
6000x job exp and
drop rate is 20%
Max Stats : 4500
Max base level : 255
Max job level : 120
All items are 4 slotted exept shields
Stat / Skill seller and buyer
We sell Every equip
and Every card
MVP room
PVP room
Platinum skill NPC
Universal rental NPC
Stats upper
WindyRo Welcomer
Card remover
Healer ( free )
Full body stylist ( hairstyle haird color cloth dye )
Pet catch rate 100%

Gold Room

Online 24/7

Very nice GM's


@autoloot  - Enables/disables autolooting from killed mobs.
@die      - Kill yourself :rolleyes:
@go      - Spawns you to set points in major cities.
@ignorelist - Display your ignore list (people from which you ignore wisps)
@iteminfo  - Show Item info (type, price, etc)
@load      - Warps you to your last save point
@memo      - Saves a warp point.
@mobinfo    - Show Monster info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff)
@party      - Create a party
@petrename  - Enables you to rename your pet.
@pettalk    - Command what the player's pet will say.
@save      - Sets your spawn point
@storage    - Brings up your personal storage wherever you are.
@warp      - Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates

I am the event GM. I really like this server i think you should join it!
Notice from jlhaslip:
Spec's and long lists should be in bbcode tags for quotes or code to avoid cheating the credit system.
New Member. Verbal Warning only.
Since you are running the server or system at this referred location, you will understand that rules are in-place for a reason. Mostly, so ALL members can expect fair treatment.
Read the Xisto Readme or the Help file to learn more.

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Welcome to Xisto :rolleyes:

Question what are you talking about?
what is a Ro server and what does it do?

btw. System specs should go inside quote tags like so

Amd64 34002Gb ram
2x250GB hdd

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