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Great Clan/community Recruiting! more details inside

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Many players who want to join a clan usually find themselves asking: "What clan should I join anyways?" For some it's the first clan they see, for others, their expectations are so high that they end up staying alone. Most usually end up finding a decent-enough clan, but they either end up leaving it due to inactivity or watch it fall apart. There are some good clans out there and I'd like to think this is one of them.


I am the leader of Clan GIS- Guardian's Inner Sanctum. I founded this clan about a year ago because I was in so many clans that failed that I decided to make my own and do things right.


So what's so 'great' about Clan GIS? Well, for starters, it's a clan that won't fall apart over the weekend like most clans do. We're active in the forums and online. Although fairly large, the clan remains as personal as anybody could possibly want. Also:

Over 40 forums and sub-forums, so there’s always something to talk about. The forums are a great place to lounge around, chat, and get to know your fellow gamers.


A diverse player base. We have plenty of rich players, plenty of people that are new to the game, and just about everything in between. In this clan, you'll always feel like you're among friends; I practically guarantee it.


A GFX community. If you’re into GFX (experienced or still new), you can check out the tutorials, open up your own sig/ava shop, and test your skills against other members, and other websites. If you’re not a huge gamer, you can just join our forum as a GFX member. If you’re not into GFX, you can still have forum sigs/avatars created for you by members of the GFX team for free.


A competitive duel ranking system. The clan isn’t centered around dueling, but if you’re into dueling, you can test/improve your skills if you decide to join up with us. There’s even an elite ESCNL dueling division within the clan, so if you’re really good, you can try out for that.


No tags required (although many members choose to use tags since there are advantages to it).

Your voice will be heard. Almost all of the changes/decisions that are made are voted on by everyone in the clan who wishes to. The voting is done in polls in which all members can cast their votes. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post their suggestions or feedback in the suggestions/feedback forum.


A forum arcade. There are lots of fun games with working high scores. Make sure to try out the arcade if you decide to join.


Maturity: Possessing the ability to be serious when the situation calls for it, and the ability to have an intelligent conversation with another person (although age isn't always the best determinant of maturity, we currently don't accept members under the age of 16, unless they)


Respect: Treat your fellow clan members as equals. Nobody is a better person than anybody else, regardless of their experience or wealth.


Obedience: As all clans, we have rules. You are expected to follow them.


Selflessness: We don't want people to come to us looking for free items or a quick way to get rich.


Loyalty: You cannot be a part of another clan if you want to join us, unless you're in that clan because they play a game that we don't play yet (wc3, Guild Wars, WoW, etc).

If you're interested in joining, go to http://forums.clangis.com/, and register. After that, fill out the application thread. Also, feel free to introduce yourself in the "Introductions" forum.


If you don't play the games/realms we play, are already in another clan, or don't think this is the right clan for you, then you are still more than welcome to join the forum board and use the trade forums, the game discussion forums, or hang around and talk about anything else you might want to talk about. Plus, if you do decide to join the clan, we'll already know you :)




Games/Realms: Diablo 2 LoD: East and West softcore ladder and non ladder, as well as Starcraft. We also have unofficial divisions in Warcraft 3: TFT, as well as Guild Wars (already have a guild hall, even though the division is still technically 'unofficial')


Current total active members: 40+ (2/6/06)

Clan Channel: Op Clan-GIS (soon moving to: Clan GIS)


Forum board: http://forums.clangis.com/

Website: http://www.clangis.com/ (still under construction)


How to contact me:

email: hotshot2k4@hotmail.com

aim: h0tshot2k4 (first 0 is a zero)

or just leave a post here


If you have any questions you can always contact me, or make a post in the "General Site Inquiries" forum where even guests can post.


Note: You won't be able to see some of the forums until you're a registered member, and after that, you need to fill out the application thread in order to become an official "Guild Member" and see the clan-related forums.


Thread updated: 2/17/06


Notice from KuBi:
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It's not 'copied', I use the same thread in different forums. That one there is older than this specific one is, but I had to re-do the listing thing because the battle.net forums use [ul] and [li] tags for the listedit: I also just updated it

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