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Wild Arms 4 Fourth Detonator

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Wild ARMs 4 has been released in US by Xseed Games. I've played it and so much it's very promising.The story is so much different than the previous Wild ARMs. No metal demons or Hiades demons. It's now the time Brionac Force to take the trone.It's said the war between Congress and (somwheat)Kingdom has ended. The war itself left out the destroyed state of Filgaia, with the scars of the war everywhere. However, is it really end? Whenever there is human, there will always be the next war...Jude, a normal boy one day met something different in his peaceful days. That leads him to an ARM, which integrate within him. He vows upon Yullie to protect her with his new power. Together with Arnoud and the swordswoman Raquel they venture within Filgaia to run away from Brionac Force who pursue Yullie for whatever reason they had. That's the story, but the main difference come from graphic and battle system. No more crap 3d here, the world is converted in AWESOME 3d models now. Now Jude can also jump, slide, and do more actions than the previous game. Also, the battle system is upgrading so much. Now it use the HEX model, where there iare 7 areas for you to run, then battle the enemies. Sound so simple, but very great idea for one new fresh battle system, much more than the old battle system.So, try it! That's one of the great game I had in PS2 console. Oh I forgot, it also can convert the save data from Wild ARMs Alter Code: F... oh well this Wild ARMs serie is not very promising. I prefer Wild ARMs 4 so MUCH.

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