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The Internet Chat Liar #2

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Well doing the internet dating thing. The one thing I did meet most were liars and I'm not talking about little white lies I'm talking about compulsive liars, like they need to lie to get through the day.Here a story about another girl who I've was talking to for a few months. She would tell me how she is italian but didnt really speak it much, she would send me pictures of other girls and told me sorta how she is wealthy and has a huge house in a rich town with all these expensive things and just bought a brand new BMW that was made in europe and had it shipped here just for her.. It supposedly even had the eruope license plate on it.WELL, turns out that she did send me one real picture of her and im surprised she was actually very attractive and the other pics she sent .. I guess were supposed to close to what she looked like. I did meet her one day at the mall and damn she was HOT. but again she would talk about her car but she got into an accident and had to get it fixed in germany and would take sever months to get back. sick in the head.. then shes like so do I look italian.. and I'm like not really.. You look a little irish and polish. She got offended.Well, Later we started talking on the phone and shes like she is calling from her grandmother.. because the number was from lyndhurst. Then another day i guess she forgot and told me to call her home and gave me the same number.. well AGAIN i did a google on her number.. and guess what she did live in lyndhurst. Well Dont know if i am pyscho but I had to drive by the place to see the name on the mailbox.. well it turned out to be a aptarment complex and her last name was NOT the italian name she gave me.. she was not rich and did not have the BMW. Finally one day, I was like hey you wanna hang out.. shes like well i cant.. dont have a car right now.. and im like dont worry about i'll pick you up.. shes like thats ok.. I go seriously .. i know all about you.. i can pick you up in lyndhurst.. she was TOTALLY SHOCKED and was like.. uuuuuh i gotta go.. Never spoke to her since. hahahah..

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