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Macbook Pro Arrives Intel Chips in Mac Hardware

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Yes, it's true. The new Powerbooks from apple have arrives as of January 10th. And yes, they do sport a new Intel CPU... now that that settles the rumors, here's the BIG news: the new CPUs are DUAL CORE 65nm CHIPS! Supposedly running 4x faster than the lastest and greatest powerbook chips from Motorola, these lappys also sport a radeon X1600 GPU! Here are the specs stright form apple's site:

1.67ghz intel core duo(1)

# 512MB 667 DDR2 - 1 SO-DIMM

# 80GB Serial ATA drive @ 5400 rpm

# ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 - 128MB GDDR3

# SuperDrive (DVDąRW/CD-RW)

# AirPort Extreme Card & Bluetooth

# Backlit Keyboard/Mac OS - U.S. English

# 15.4-inch TFT Display




Full Specs


This is for the low end 15" (the 17 and 12" have yet to be released with intel cores), which ironically, cost the exact same as the older Powerbooks. The only, ONLY, reason to get the older powerbook now is because now you have to make sure your software will run with the intel chipset. Apple has a handy way of doing it. just look for the "universal" sticker on any software box. This means it's both compatible with intel and powerpc chipsets. I guess you can assume the new software that comes out will be intel/motorola compliant, but later on, only supporting intel.




Much like the switch from 9.2 to X, there are some changes people need ot be aware of.

1) software compatibility (intel, motorola, universal)- meaning unless it's universal, one kind of software will not run on the other kind of chipset. So old mac users, check new software, and new mac users, make sure you check your old software or buy the new version (2).

2) name - macbook pro vs. powerbook. So if someone is selling a "powerbook with new intel chipset" on ebay, beware of a scam. you could get a normal 2001 powerbook with a pentium 4 glued to the HDD. Likewise, be aware the old powerbooks are still being sold, so make sure you click on the right one since the price and specs are the exact same (except for chipset and gpu).

3) bugs - as with any major change in hardware, you are sure to experience some kind of bug or flaw. We are all aware of the slow, lagginess of the origional 10.1 release of the OSX debut, but now you are taking a whole new chipset technology, rewritting the OS (now on x86 platform) and releasing it to a public that isn't used to having to debug anything. for christ's sake, they're mac users! they don't know about tweaking or debugging! it was done for them since day 1 of apple! So be apprehensive about being the first on your block to have the new hardware. Maybe wait a month and read reviews and comments from users who jumped the gun before you decide to get this one or revision 2.



Some neat little features


Power Up With MagSafe

The new power adapter with MagSafe connector is designed to magnetically guide your cord into place and disconnect smoothly if someo

ne (else) trips over it.


Twin Power

The Intel Core Duo and a whole new architecture give MacBook Pro up to four times the horsepower of PowerBook G4


MacBook Pro Dual-core Performance

4 times faster than 15-inch PowerBook G4 with 1.67Ghz PowerPC


integrated iSight

Artfully placed in the MacBook Pro display bezel is an iSight camera. This small camera lets you use iChat AV, iMovie HD, and Photo Booth to make big statements anywhere. So shout it from the rooftops. On location. Backstage. Back home. Show your point of view. Share it with the world.


Redesign of Internals

At just one inch thin, MacBook Pro defies reason and probably several laws of physics. But each element inside has been carefully considered to condense all the modern mobile amenities into the tightest of quarters. The result? A machine only 5.6 pounds, with built-in iSight, Front Row, and a 67% brighter display.


Internet, unplugged

AirPort Extreme gives you blazing connectivity speeds up to 54 megabits per second using the 802.11g standard. This turbocharged technology lets you connect to the Internet without wires, additional phone lines, or complicated networking hardware. Use AirPort Extreme to get online wirelessly at hundreds of Starbucks coffee shops or Borders book stores from coast to coast via T-Mobile.


67% Brighter Display

MacBook Pro features a much brighter screen than the 15-inch PowerBook G4 so you can enjoy images with greater clarity.


Keynote_________|_________3D Spin




Apple's Description



"Software just works

When Mac technology makes something easy, its hardly news. So heres more non-news for MacBook Pro owners: software just works. If you see the Universal logo on a new application, that means it will run on Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers. For most existing applications, you simply do what youve always done: double-click them. Thanks to the Rosetta technology in Mac OS X, they look and feel just like they did before"

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thats a pretty neat specification considering that this is only a notebook and with Intel now as Apples partner and chip manufacturer I'm sure we will be treated with more mouth watering technologies in the future. My only wish though is they lower the price even a bit so that many can afford these awesome machines

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apples have always had a premium price. it's the effect of having the best in technology and design. plus, you're not going to get shody plastic components like dell or HP laptops. With all the design innovations and new technolgy, I'm actually suprised the price didn't increase over the old powerbooks. Either way, i'm waiting for the 12" Macbook Pro to arrive. If the trend continues, you'd be getting a speedy little laptop for only $1400, or $1200 on the education discount. I REALLY hope apple incorporated gigabit ethernet and at least a 1.67ghz intel CPU into their 12" design. I know the past 12" have sacrificd alot in terms of features. I want my gigabit apple!!

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