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Shopping Cart For Digital Products that can send the products immediately

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Hi, I was wondering if there was any good shopping carts, that could work with paypal, that could sent out digital products immediately after payment is confirmed for paypal. I saw a bunch that were expensive that claimed to do that, but I was hoping for something a little cheaper, like in my price range, because I don't have a money making site right now...I saw that you could auto direct people to a page after they go to paypal, but that the address to the auto-direct is in the plain html in your page, so people can read it, by viewing the source, and stealing your products without paying. I wouldn't mind a redirect, but then I'd want it so people couldn't get to it, unless payment was confirmed. And the other problem with that, is if people buy more than one thing, how would a redirect work, they could only be directed to one page, and wouldn't be able to find any of the other things.I was even thinking about sending an email with all the links to the places after they pay (if that could be done automatically, because I heard people don't like to wait if it's digital products so I don't want to make them wait). I just don't know how to go about it, I've been trying to figure something out for like four days now, and everytime I come up with an idea, I end up with more problems that I don't know how to solve.Are there any good ways to do this sort of thing that you have found? I was trying to come up with something on my own, that would work the way I wanted, but I'm not good at all the programming and coding stuff, so I wasn't getting very far.Any suggestions?

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There are loads out there, cubecart is peoples favourite.

My favourite is making your own, I bet your thing OUCH! Don't be affraid! Upgrade your paypal account to premier(charges stay the same dont panic) it opens up a whole new world, it saves trying to get your products page looking as good as your website.

All you have to do is copy html code for a button and that is it! I actually got a template and replaced all the buttons. You can also have a donate page on your site using paypal premier.


Upgrade your account dont worry it all stays the same your just given things oh and you can accept debit and credit card through it, as you would've guessed I've used it and I found it is the best way forward




Oh forgot to say, with paypal you can also direct them to a page where they can download the product once purchased, so you could just put the link to the digital file itself if you wanted to! Belive me when I say that paypal cart is the best way!


Any questions PM me! I sit in front of the PC to much so I will probably answer straight away!

Hope this helps


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Zen Cart and osCommerce are 2 free ones.

CRE Loaded are free but also have premium ones.

I would recommend CRE Loaded Standard if you are after a free one.

If you can spend some money on it the CRE Loaded Pro seems like a good one.

If you want to wholesale aswell i would recommend CRE Loaded Pro B2B.

Currently CRE Loaded have some offers on so get in there quick.

Zen Cart is not as good as CRE Loaded.

Zen Cart and CRE Loaded are both based on osCommerce but just modified a lotl.






These all run in PHP. If you are after anything else please check out http://www.hotscripts.com/

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