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Email Address Authentication Problem

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Hi,I have problems logging into my mail address.ORMy mail address does not work in Outlook but it works using webmail.ORI get authentication error.

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The possible problems from your replies can be as follows :-

1. Usernames are CASE sensitive. Therefore, "Xisto" is not equal to "xisto".

2. Email usernames are the email address itself.
If your email address is mail@example.com
Your username is mail@example.com, If in some cases where @ symbol is not allowed, you can also use mail+example.com

Example Settings

Domain : example.com
Email Address you created : mymail@example.com
Username you entered (when creating account) : mymail
Password you entered (when creating account) : mypass

Settings to use when configuring Email in Mail Client

Mail type : POP3
Incoming Mail Host : mail.example.com
Outgoing Mail Host : mail.example.com

Username : mymail@example.com
Password : mypass

Mail requires Authentication : YES
Login Using *Secure* Password Authentication : NO

Outgoing Mail Port : 25
Incoming Mail Port : 110

Also, In Outlook Express, The textbox which allows you to enter your name (for mail) should be entered properly. This name is seen by the user who receives your mail. So, if you don't want people to know your name or want it confidential, just leave it blank. Many people disclose their information by replying to mails unknowingly.

If you still have problems, you might have not configured the DNS properly.

Check this tutorial for configuring DNS :
Configuring Dns Settings For Website

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