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Mooglero Your Final Fantasy

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MoogleRO - Your Final Fantasy


Rates - 17x.10x.15x


IRC - #mooglero @ irc.deltaanime.net



Website : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Forums : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Registration : _M _F [sql SUCKS. :)!]


Emulator : eAthena SVN SQL, constantly updated.


Comp Specs

Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHZ

2.79Ghz, 512 MB RAM

Connection: ADSL






The patch contains of mdata.grf, MoogleRO.exe Our patch contains new card descriptions, new skills along with the descriptions, the new guild skills, custom items , and updates.


Other languages are allowed on the server, as long as the users of the language can speak English as well. We try to keep a well rounded economy to keep things interesting.




Zodiac Quest NPC

Drug Dealer NPC

Zodiac MVP Cards [12 cards]

Enchanted Season Cards [4 cards]

Custom Weapons


Max Stat 99

Max Base Level 135

Max Job Level 90

Main Town Old Payon

All Working Skills



Featuring Materia System

Unique Materia system In-game. Over 300 materia to use to customize your equips.

Choose from:


Materia System | CLICK HERE



Magic Materia

Support Materia

Command Materia

Independent Materia

Summon Materia


Materia is the form of magic in a ball. 5 types of Materia. You can equip up to 4 Materia Max. 1 Shield, 1 Accesory x2, and 1 Garment. Materia and Card combos are very strong, therefore there are no extra slots in game.


NEW CLASSES. Taekwon, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator.

Custom FF stuff

Custom Cutins

Adoption, Marriage Skills working

New Zodiac Quest

Custom made monsters

Custom Cards and Card Edits

WOE Three times a week [Times undecided]

Fun and rewarding Events

Custom Patch, Client

Unique IRC Bot

IRC Tech Support

New Hairstyles

New Emotions

New Cards [kRO update, and our customs]

New Headgears [kRO update|Coming soon]


Refiner [+10 Max]

Arrow Shop

PVP Warper


Reset Girl

Rental Npc

Forging Goods Shop




Alch Shop

Taming Shop

Pet Accesory

Tool Shop

Pet Food

Card Remover

Zodiac Quests [Coming soon]

Job Changer

Platinum Skills NPC

Wedding, Adoption NPC, Divorce

@ CommandsPlayer Commands:
















Aros [Hoster, Scripter, DB, Player Support, Misc, Client ]

Kido [scripting, Graphics, Player Support, Spriting]



This is an updated server, so that means if you're not using kRO/Sak 900+, you'll error. If you require the downloads for those, we have a download that will get you them on the forums.



To join, go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and register on the forums. You can find the patch in the General Section. Download and extract it to the RO folder. Run it and register with _M & _F



If you have any problems, post them in the forums or IRC. Or bother Aros or Kido ingame.



Idle in our IRC at #mooglero @ irc.deltaanime.net

Notice from jlhaslip:
I have editted the img to be an url bbcode.

Please cut the picture down to about 400px in width,

then self-report the post to have someone change it back to img.

It was stretching the thread.

Also, the topic description should be more meaningful.

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