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Gizoogle Anyone Hear Of It?

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Not quite sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this. Please forgive me if it isn't.

Has anyone checked this form of google out? It translate all results from google into slanged talk from Snoop Dogg. :) It's pretty hilarious. This is the description it gives with Xisto searched.

"Free Web Host'n wit PHP, MySQL, Perl, Tizzy Tomcat, JSP, macromedia shockwave enabled wit Unlimited MySQL Databases,Pop3 emails, brotha ..."

Lol it's a pretty good entertainment item, though it can be vulgar at times. If you get really bored this oughta spark your intrests. It's a search engine so I'm not sure if it's right to post this or not, so if it isn't let me off with a warning please mods, and just remove the link or delete the whole post if you feel you don't want it here.

*WARNING* Some searches may come up with vulgar language. Also if you can't stand any slang at all I advise not going here!

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